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It's that time of year again for BBQ's and parties in the garden. Do any electrical types on here know of the NSN for gangway lighting, purely for research? I want to put the lighting up in the garden, wrapping it around trees and fencing. Any ideas?


War Hero
Digger, once upon a time a friend of mine (!) had a necklace (not pearl!!) you might need to think about the logistics. It will require a LOT of lamps and mine, sorry, my friend's had coloured ones, so you'd need to think about where to buy them, as I don't think the PC police let you buy incandescent lamps any more in the UK. Then there is the power requirement of dozens of lamps blazing away for hours. Mind you, it did look good in my, sorry, my friend's garden at BBQ time! Then storing it away was a problem as it was damn heavy and you either needed to remove all the lamps, or they got smashed, or just risk it, but keep a box of spares.

Why not get a nice LED chain or similar from Argos or your local garden centre? Or rope lights from B&Q - some of them can be connected to make a huge one.

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