Outraging Human Decency

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Potential_Officer, Oct 26, 2007.

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  1. A man who urinated on a dying woman was sentenced to just three years in prison, hardly a punishment for the disgusting act he committed.

    In the same week that we heard a man who left a disabled war veteran blind in one eye, and was only given a three year order, how can we have any confidence in either the justice system, or much more worryingly, the state of society as a whole.


    On a side note, he was drunk and high on cannabis.
  2. There can be NO excuses for this type of inhuman behaviour. I don't care if he is an ex-pongo who was high on cannabis and drunk, he should be put against a wall and shot as far as I am concerned, behave like an animal, get treated like one!
    Three years! He'll be out in 15 months with Labour's half tariff system. The legal system in the country is a farce!
  3. Welcome to Nu Liebour's Britain.

    Get a pensioner locked up for not paying council tax, and allow a vicious attacker of an elderly gentleman to go free - it's a wonder they hadn't given him a freebie holiday in Antigua (the little :toilet: )!!
  4. Once the news of what he's in for gets around the HMP where he's at, he'll be needing a colostomy bag from all the b*ggering that he'll endure. Wouldn't surprise me if he loses a few teeth along the way (prevents them biting down when something is put in his mouth). Jail is just TOO good for some individuals.
  5. Makes you want to weep sometimes , if some fxxxxxxxxxg piece of scum did that to my family I swear I would end up doing time for my consequences ,
  6. well then i would visit you weekly............................
  7. Why did they need to point out he is a former soldier,is it relivent to the case?

    What if he was a former costermongers assistant,would they have put that in the story.

    Is it done to imply that being a former member of the armed services you are more likely to commit a crime such as this.
    The mind boggles.
  8. Agreed that profession has nothing to do with it.

  9. Ah bless you "josie" , knew I could depend on you , :thumright:
  10. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    That the poor woman breathed her last in an unhappy life covered in this vermin's pi$$ is heartbreaking.

    Maybe. First of all, a soldier might be expected to take the lead in helping a casualty. A soldier who can show compassion to a vanquished enemy might be expected to show some of the same to a vulnerable woman in civvy street. It makes him lower than wahle shit, it doesn't make all soldiers low.

    Second and I like this; in the event that this little fcuker lives, I hope that the RBL remember his name so that when he comes to them cap in hand in later life, they fcuk him off at the high port. Likewise his Regimental Association and any ex service organisation he may go to, not to mention pub, off licence, club, shop, football ground etc. Don't forget. Hopefully the Old Bill will remind them when Anderson is released. His drug dealer should kick him in to touch too.

    These threads are most often rant fests. I'm more outraged than you/I'd make him eat his own cock too/blah. If you can't post something sensible don't. Some deletions. Cruel and unusual punishments can be promulgated in 'Lil's.
  11. So was this former soldier discharged honourably or thrown out?
  12. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    I'd like to think the latter Slim. ARRSE members are interested in his history. It is of course possible he was an unhappy junior and went outside before passing out. If so then the 'soldier' bit is neither here nor there. He should be ostracised though, like the scum who made the lives of the 'burning car' suicides an even bigger misery.
  13. Thats my point, are they implying that he suffered with PTSD which caused him to act this way or are they implying that all ex service personell are capable of this sort of dispicable act?

    Ref another post where an ex Malayan veteran hit his naked wife with a cricket bat when he found her with her lover.

    Again,is that relivant to the case?
  14. We hear some horrible stuff in the news but this is one story that has absolutely outraged me. The emotions I've gone through reading/hearing about this have ranged from sickness and nausea to total fury. I agree with what has been said by others in this forum that this b*stard has acted in a manner that is completely alien to the morals of service life and the training he would have undergone in the Army and I hope the RBL do remember his name in years to come. Just one more example of how low this country has sunk and another reason (as if I needed one) to get the f**k out of the UK as soon as my time is up.
  15. Ok, this is a first for me on RR, this is my first rant:

    I am [email protected] sick of the judiciary of this country failing to deal with crimes adequately. Steal money from a bank/large corporation and get 20 years in jail, mug, beat into a coma, defile, or murder someone and get a lesser sentence.....go figure. Just how [email protected] are we in the country now? Is it too late to turn the tide? Is money really more important than a human life?
    Bring back the cane in schools, give teachers their authority back, give the police their authority back (I got more than one clip around the ear in my youth).
    I don't blame the H.R act, it works in most other European countries without the distortion we see in the UK, I blame the blood sucking H.R lawyers that use the letter of the law to defeat the spirit of the law........

    And breath................
  16. My friend there never has been any equivalent between the law and what is morally right, and there probably never will be.
    Laws are made largely by the rich to protect their wealth, it is as simple as that. Anyone attempting to extract that wealth had better watch out.
    Go to law by all means, but never for any other reason than that you know you are going to win.
    The HR act as you inidicate has given freedom to an awful lot of downtrodden people. It is one of the few levers they have to extract some kind of justice.
  17. OMG, what an illiberal lot you are... hanging, flogging and worse (long term imprisonment). We live in a paradoxical society where proportionality in sentencing is derided as 'too soft' whilst we have no parallel feelings of disgust when serious crimes classed as "parental rights" go unpunished. I'm personally disgusted that the government haven't outlawed so-called smacking (the same act by an adult on an adult would be assault) using the excuse that too many people do it. So does that mean that if say 20% of the population were sexually attracted to children the government would legalise paedophilia? You couldn't make it up! Now if parents want to smack each other, consensually, I have no problem with that. What I object to is non-consensual punitive violence in the home or in other involuntary institutions to which children are placed. And that includes those adults who want to use trunctions/batons on vulnerable children in young offender institutions. Quite astonishing that the government look likely to support this measure.

    Now urinating on a dying person is indeed reprehensible, but so is shooting an innocent person in the head, on the underground, and then fabricating a cover story trying to pin the blame for an error on the victim. Will the police officers who killed him get imprisoned? Of course not. In my mind homicide is a worst offence yet is often unpunished with the accused able to rely on various outdated paternalistic defences.Just for the record, this soldier has received a more severe sentence than most paedophiles receive in this country for what, IMHO, are far more serious crimes. Get a grip gents!

    Right, I'm climbing into my protective dustbin, lid down, awaiting extreme flak from the hangers, child flagellants and anti-lawyer brigade on RR!!!

    Long live fundamentalist liberalism! Nutty for PM!
  18. Sorry Thingy, I consider myself fairly liberal but this foul act has really struck a chord with me deep inside somewhere. I think its because this poor vunerable woman was completely abused and mocked whilst dying - what a way to go. I'd like to think that anyone with an ounce of f**king decency and moral fibre would help out in that circumstance. No one deserves to be treated in this way and the cnut will get his come-upance, don't you worry.
  19. Steve,
    I have always voted Liberal since I have been of age to do so. However I find myself to be a conservative liberal, one who believes that crimes should be punished adequately.
    I was smacked as a child when I pushed the limits of what was acceptable (which was FAR less that it is now).
    The worse thing that happened was Thatcher declaring "there is no such thing as society". WTF was that all about????
    I believe it was also during the Tory reign that caning in schools was outlawed. Big mistake, we are now reaping what we sowed during those years.
    I don't and won't ever advocate beating a child, but there is a place for the occasional short, sharp, smack when it is deserved. Now that should be enshirned as human right.....
  20. Six months would be quite sufficient for him to get his comeuppance, unless he opts for immediate segregation under Rule 43! I agree that what he has done is unacceptable, but I consider the sentence disproportionate given the realities of sentencing policy in this country.

    My liberalism is probably quite extreme though - I've been beaten up more than once but NEVER felt those responsible should be imprisoned for it. Frankly the thought of it sickens me. That said, if they had assaulted another member of my family I would want them imprisoned for it. The mad side of my liberalism, perhaps....?
    PS: When I was a school Prefect, I often used to feel sorry for those I was running in, so would often let them off the hook with a warning.

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