Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Montigny_La_Palisse, Mar 16, 2009.

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  1. Well I'm fcukin outraged by the disgusting lack of outrage posts on this outrageous monday morning. I haven't read a single thing this morning written with bile and vitriol by an embittered washed up old bigot and frankly I'm appalled.

    When will this country learn that if we don't keep fighting the good fight against Jonny Foreigner and the government then we'll all be raped by Charles Clarke and sent to Poland to translate at Special needs schools.

    Your general apathy and lack of outrage is everything that is wrong with this country, back in the good old days everyone would be angry as fcuk with the world this afternoon and we'd all be pulling together doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING but whinge about it on the internet, if the internet had been invented that is, otherwise we'd be doing it in the pub.

    Sort it out and man up the bus, this is an outrage.

    Outraged of Gateshead.



  2. I'm slightly miffed about that statement MLP
  3. See? "Slightly miffed" namby-pamby faggotty left wing rubbish that passes for being outraged these days, it's people like you that are ruining this country.

    Well that and foreigners, kids, defence procurement, blahblah blah balah
  4. I tell you what is outrageous! All the fcuking pedo's out walking the streets and abusing our kids and the Government has the audacity to do fcuk all about it. Why don't they remove the first born of every benefit scrounging pakiwogcoon/Albanian/Kosovan (delete as necessary) immigrant and issue the kiddy fiddlers one each to use in their 'love' cellars. That way, it keeps the fcuking beasts off the streets and away from white British kids and helps reduce the numbers of hungry job pinching immigrant cnuts from draining this great country's resources! Do I get a Herbert Lott?
  5. We brought the blacks back here during the slave trade. You can't blame them for being here. And they shouldn't moan about how they are treated here, or moan about how the slave trade was wrong, because without the slave trade occuring they'd still be in some african village, starving or being brutalized under mugabe's regime. Atleast all we have going on here is a credit crunch.

  6. I feel your anger, would you like to talk about it. No rude/rascist comments thought. I wouldn't to upset some of the fine, hard working asylum seekrs that have seen fit to grace our shores.
  7. No, because you've just made the outrageous statement that these scrounging, benefit thieving murdering raping paedo murderous raping foreign paedo rapist benefit scrounging rapist murderers should be allowed to have at least one child.

    You're everything that is wrong with this country......
  8. I'm away to pull my foreskin over my head and wear it like a huge cheesey bathing cap right now.......
  9. Hahaha, look at all the poppydoms on that bus picture on french niggynogs post. Thats made me fell beter i fought i was goin to dye today but now comick releef is finishd i fought id hang on to make more monie. wat i fink is outrayjus is all that monie goin to africka an not to my kids
  10. Oh how outrageously outrageous that dear Ron Jeremey decides to outrage us all with his previous '' Fuck the lot of yous im well and truly outraged Hijinxes!''
    Back again i see with an avatar of a truly outrageous pedo in the frame old fritzy boy himself wasnt even that outrageously outrageous!.
    Do fuckin go and outrageously outrage yer own ringpiece so this dear chap can sleep in piece.

    Yours thouroughly outraged in your outrageously outrageous presence.

    Luke xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx- Outraged!

  11. -

    ....trust a stupid Golliwog Bastard to choose a fcuking bus instead of a muchly roomier big fcuk off OUTRAGE TRAIN




    ....and a big nasty outrage eye aswell 8O
  12. I feel outraged and ravished,popped in here for a minute this Am and even the shite was shite so I went a MILFing and come back to find a trainload of Jihadis on their way to Bradford.Not good enough,e-border my arse,its not working ,place is full of fuggers in their nightware looking for little boys to bugger.Bring back hanging.
  13. I'm fcuking OUTRAGED at these fat cnuts! Mind you....I'd probably fcuk both the daughters....
  14. Fcuking tazer the fat cnuts!! Too fat to work my arse!! the best method to deal with these cnuts is either lethal injection (in R.J's case with his pork sword) or the pie on a stick method whereby a pie is attached to a stick by some paracord with the other end stuck to their foreheads whilst their hands are tied behind their backs. They then run around chasing the pie whilst losing weight. Bargain!!!
  15. Yu got something against us???? I'm black and proud!
  16. My first wife was outraged once, I had bin to the pub for a gallon and troffed a kebab on the way home, must have been dodgy meat as I was having trouble keeping everything down. Anyways I climb into bed and wifey was mewing so I got astride, all that jiggling about had the desired effect and I honked up all over her head, when she had finished cleaning herself up and putting fresh linen on the bed she would not let me climb back onboard her, women, tsk.
  17. Dear Aunt Abby ,
    I am outraged and outumbraged at this display of female testicles.

  18. I must admit when I saw that it seemed there was more down there than one might expect
  19. My family are outraged because I have not been invited to join the Golliwog Bastard Society-

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