Discussion in 'The Corps' started by ratt6809, Nov 14, 2012.

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  1. Hopefully someone can enlighten me as to what in the hell is going on with the Corps??... Last year I came on here asking advice on wether or not I would be able to attempt the Commando course and was told (correctly) that I was too old 35) I was also thinned out by the RMR and 131 troop. So that was the end of that sadly for me. However I have literally just read that a female soldier has done the course at 37! There's more... The unit that she's allegedly with has no requirement for Commando trained personnel (as I read it) So... How has this happened? She was WAY over the age limit for commando training AND there was no need for her to do it in the first place! To say I'm a bit pissed off is an understatement. Rant over. If I am wrong on any of the details it's just what I've read and been told and I'm happy to be informed otherwise.....
  2. May be
    it's who you know that counts or she's well fit and looks good in a bikini and you are not, who knows?
  3. Age limit?

    I've known 40 year old dudes go through.

    Edited to add: Ah, I see you're not serving. That makes the difference. For serving personnel there is different rules regarding age and the AACC. Dry your eyes.
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  4. To the straight members of RR a female going commando is preferable to a Male going commando at any age:blob6:
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  5. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    Publicity stunt?
  6. Ding - Ding

    Next stop - Angry Alley!:toothy4:
  7. Well that's just red-tape cobblers if you ask me mate. So if your 35 and serving your young enough to do the course and if your not serving your too old?? What? How does that work? I could probably join a TA unit and be a trained soldier in the eyes of the military within a year. Does that mean I could do the course then? Does being a trained/serving soldier magically alter your birth certificate?.... It dosent. I know because I tryed that route as well with 131 and was specifically told that the max age for doing it was 35. 32 with the RMR no exceptions trained soldier or not. Its laughable!
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Is there a link to this particular news article?

    I wasn't aware there were any age constraints on the Commando Course. Wasn't Chris Terrill 55 when he passed the Commando tests as a 'Strawberry Mivvi?'

    Every so often someone posts a ten year old Daily Wail article which shows the current date but is about a decade old - with traditional Daily Mail accuracy, it claims the soldier is now a "Royal Marine"and Geoff Hoon's still Defence Secretary.

    Maximum age for recruits to join the RMR is usually before your 33rd Birthday unless you've previous military service or have a skill-set required by the service, meriting exceptional consideration for a waiver. Speak to your RMR unit, if they think you're good enough, you never know.

    Those who do not join the service during the 16 years they are eligible to do so, are not really in a strong position to drip.
  9. Ya gotta have rules.

    You ain't happy - live with it, because it won't change just for you!
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  10. I can't find the article at the moment. I think it was in the Telegraph a few days back if that helps. As for your point about the age limit, as in you say there isn't one, how come there's a limit to initially join? Surely if people are passing the course in their late 30s and 40s (55 for Mr Terrill.... Fair play to him) then surely that means that age isn't necessarily an issue for Commando training? Therefore why so stringent initially? I don't get it? Why are the armed forces exempt from age discrimination? If a bloke wants to volunteer to get thrashed stupid around Woodbury then why not give him a chance? See where I'm coming from? It's annoying. I've already spoken to the RMR unit (one of my Gaffers is the OC there believe it or not) so I know I've no chance. Even though I've never done selection or any of the requirements to join I'm 35 therefore not good enough to even have a go...
  11. Because if you're already in, you already have a job and you're already useful. AACC is an adqual for specific roles and requirements which personnel may end up doing for a variety of reasons. There are age limits placed on you joining up for return of service reasons and for how long you can be useful to the service. Age = injuries so that is also taken into consideration.

    It's not laughable, it's common sense. Don't spend all your life regretting you biffed a course then trying to claim it's someone else's fault or unfair. If you were any good, you'd have passed the course when you were young. After all, 37 year old girls can do it..........
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  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    As MLP alludes, if you're a serving serviceperson & fail AACC, you return to your unit and crack on.

    Optimum age to pass RM Commando training, the full hit, is 19-23, those outside these parameters find the chances of success reduce exponentially as age increases. Max age for joining was increased from 26 to 32 about 6 or 7 years back, so you will have again been made eligible to re-apply, having already once passed the maximum age previously. As the body's metabolism slows with age the injuries take longer to be completely rehabilitated and as such the risk of discharge and cost also increases significantly.

    The Commando tests are completed in a week. The average RMR Recruit takes 12 months to get to that stage of fitness, the regular service Recruit takes about 30 weeks of continuous, rigourous & punishing training before undergoing the tests. The difference between AACC and RM or RMR Recruit Training is significant.
  13. At what point did I say it was unfair or anyone's fault??
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    Have you found a link to the article causing the outrage yet?
  15. Its not who you know, its how good you blow, jingle, jangle, jewelry, look at what you could have one, a green lid.

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  16. No not yet bud. I'm still looking. A geezer at work pointed it out on the web but I can't find what he was looking at. Ill see him in a bit and I'll ask him. P.s the other comment was for the other bloke.... Obviously trying to wind me up.
  17. Join a TA infantry Battalion, do your course, go to Afghan, kill or be killed.

    Join the RMR, do your course, go to Afghan, kill or be killed.

    Whinge on the internet, don't do any course, don't go to Afghan, never know if you've got the bottle.

    I shit you.
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  18. You're crying about it on the internet having suddenly realised that some bird has just passed what you couldn't. Your ship has sailed. A green hat is only a green hat, if you're that bothered join another TAC and get a different colour one.
  19. Lol.. Er no I'm not. I was having a rant at the system. Besides I never failed. I chose to go for personal reasons which I'm not going to justify to you or anyone else on here. You can please yourself with how you take that... Blah blah blah you're weak, you failed, you couldn't handle it blah blah, heard em all mate, couldn't give a fck. Your right about one thing though. It is/was only a green hat. And now they're letting women do it the shines gone off it to be fair... The Paras must be pissing themselves...
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    Sorry wrong unit.

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