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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by finknottle, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. What's all the fuss about; I don’t see this as being offensive in any shape or form. In fact I would like to see one of these in every town with a loud-hailer bellowing out the message, 'Bring out your Illegals'.

    Outrage van.jpg
  2. I would prefer one with plenty of seats inside to place arrested illegals then transport them to the nearest airfield to waiting transport aircraft
  3. I'd like to see more illegals.
  4. Fixed. .
  5. I used to be well left of center but the flaccid liberal leaders we have been subjected too for decades has slowly and completely changed my way of thinking.
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  6. Maybe an adult version of this is required?

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  7. It is a continual and ongoing problem here. We frequently get 'Sub Saharan' folks being washed up on our beaches, quite literally. This week there were 10 Maghribian (is that another name for Bongo Bongo land?) washed up in an inflatable (source Euro Weekly News 8-14 August 2013) on Castell de Ferro main beach.

    The difference being that as soon as they are intercepted they are 'processed' by the Guardia Civil, then taken to Malaga and put on a ferry back to Morocco.
  8. The BBC have been leading with this story nearly all day because apparently 60 people have complained to the Advertising Standards Authority who are then duty bound to investigate.
    Sixty people out of a total population of circa 63 million. Wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  9. [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Regrettably we seem to have some new national pass times; namely racist spotting/calling and immigrant supporting. No doubt the followers need a constant source of “look what I'm doing” for their endless self advertising bloggs, tweets, facebook feeds, you name it. Could it be a case of denounce before you are denounced in their own little fantasy worlds? It's happened before, has it not?[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]It's been reported as and clearly is aimed at illegal visitors. Nonetheless, every enthusiast for the poor bloody foreigner suddenly decides that it's an insult to every foreigner currently visiting or living here. If people are determined to be offended and insulted, they'll make bloody sure that they are.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]I have every confidence that outsiders to RR will see every “go home if you're illegal van “ supporter here as a clear pointer to the “institutional racism” in the British Armed Forces, past and present.[/FONT]
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  10. I dont see how this can be offensive to anyone. It says go home illegals and does not point out any group. If you are settled here legally then no matter where you came from originally then this is home now.
    Illegal immigrants are a drain on society and a threat to multi-culturism.

    I felt very different about the bongo bongo comments as I felt they were totally unnecessary this despite probably being a gash idea seems inoffensive as it is simply saying go home if you are not here legally.
  11. How are illegals a drain ?
    Surely they`re not claiming anything, otherwise we`d know where they are ?

    And a threat to multi-culturism ? Good. One country one culture.
  12. Illegals are very likely to be a drain because we spend money finding them, processing them and, in due course, sending the buggers back. Also, if they are working for a living, they are unlikely to be paying Income Tax and the sweat shop employing them is unlikely to be paying NHS contributions. I do share your view on "multiculturalism" though.
  13. Because they are either taking jobs that British/Legal immigrants should be doing or thieving. They have to do something to live thats for sure as you say they cant claim anything.

    And as for the comment about one country one culture that boat sailed a long long time ago get over it. We need to make multi-culturism work or this country has no hope at all.
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  14. I'd like to see more immigration.
  15. The country is pretty full but if we can offset this extra immigration by deporting huge potions of ethnically british dole dossing scum I would be all for it.
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  16. [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Wire people up to a proper lie detector and you'll probably find that most of them don't really like "multiculturism". They "support" it to show solidarity with the New UK/Europe/You-Name-It, not be the odd ones out being pointed at and have had it beaten into them by popular, "informed" opinion and various new laws. [/FONT]
  17. To be fair it is kind of an amnesty, if narrow minded people decide to use the van as a catalyst for projecting hatred upon all of those who appear they may be immigrants then that says more about the viewers than the van itself. Whilst it was always going to have some repucussions for immigrants due to the aforementioned narrow minded fannys; important to remember that its actual purpose is to provide information to illegal immigrants. I bet some come over with stars in their eyes, find that the welfare reforms and employment checks of recent have meant that if here without legal status you get very little have then wondered how the fack they are going to get home. This provides a solution- contact us (seen as though you may not have access to tv, internet etc so this may be the only way to find the info) and we won't dob you in, we will pay to get you home. It does perhaps look a bit odd but worth a try i suppose, not exactly threatening so see how many people actually take the government up on their kind offer.
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  18. I dont doubt the fact people don't like it. But there is no alternative to it anymore. Its multiculturalism or there will be rivers of blood.
    Thats the only two options.
  19. There is more than 60 members on here, If we all write to the ASA supporting these vans then would that not cancel out the complaints?
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  20. [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]Nail, head, hit. My worry is that there could be "rivers of blood" because multiculturism is being forced on us and all expressions of concern are suppressed. We are not encouraging the immigrants to fit in and be assimilated; more encouraging them not to be any different than they were at home. That's how you get ghettos and nations within nations. If the safety valves that let people vent their beliefs, opinions and feelings are screwed down, you merely delay the point when the boiler blows and with much more destructive energy. Many people seem to forget that the, then, Hon Member for Wolverhampton's speech in '68 was an impassioned and intelligent warning, not a racist call to arms.

    [FONT=Arial, sans-serif]The background to this is understandable. People are scared fartless by the prospect of the Nazi and Fascist (and Communist) in general style racial purity fixations and subsequent “cleansings” of the past. As a consequence, they tar everything with the same very broad brush and suppress anything that could be even remotely mistaken for it. I believe that is a big and very dangerous mistake.[/FONT]

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