Outer Ear infections


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Hi, I am slightly concerned about a history of mild outer ear infections I have, these are mild enough to be gone after a few days of putting antibiotics or something like vinegar into the ear. I can hear well enough with this infection, but, naturally, I hear better without. It isn't on the list of medical conditions that would be a bar to service, but, is there a chance they'll be a problem at the medical or be a bar to entry?
Just a quick comment on this one --the outer ear infection could be the inner ear causing it.
If it is then there ain't any real cure from it other than anti biotics like you say.
Anyway I ain't a doc so we'll wait for a qualified reply



Recurrent infections could be a sign of either a resistant bug or the wrong diagnosis. You should see your GP about it instead of self-medicating.

As it is, you are likely to run into diffs in your medical if these infections continue.



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Rather than putting vinegar in your lug-hole, I always try a bit of spongecake, jelly & sherry - it's easier to explain why you're a trifle deaf.


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I recently had an operation to get rid of an infection in my ear. After waking up from the general anaesthetic the surgeon apologized and said I only had 18 months left.

I questioned how was it possible a simple ear infection will cause my life to be cut short.

He laughed, "No! You only have an ear and a half..!"



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Haha, very good. It's not THAT bad

Seriously, the antibiotics were prescribed by a Doctor, who thinks it's some sort of allergic reaction, given the state my ear canal is in when infected. He did say it was unlikely to be caused by an inner-ear problem though
It's on my medical history, and I'll make sure I'm open about it, and just see how it goes.

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