out with the gays

it probly is just you as this sight as a lot of members of the gay cuminty and you should be alot more reseptive to new ideas any way i thought you liked laidyboys


Lantern Swinger
majorketchup said:
Your the ladyboy and I dont have respect for you lot.I am entitled to an opinion just like you are....
Un-sure of your sexuality majorketchup? Those who go on about Lady Boys and gays are probably latent homosexuals?

I served with a gay stoker in the late 80’s, rather that being kicked out (as they did then), he decided to commit suicide.

A good person DIED for no reason.

Grow up.
Don't ask, don't tell and go about your business. During the Vietnam war when people were drafted many homosexuals served. They did so with distinction and honor. I was an RA soldier, professional for you Brits, and like many other RA soldiers we never had problems with homosexuals. Now when our units have reunions many of the homosexual vets attend and they are just that. War veterans like any other. If you can't handle it, then get over it!

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