Out Sourcing Min of Def responsibilities.

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by Nutty, May 21, 2008.

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  1. With the current discussion on PAYD the on going JP problems. Cleaning, maintenance, ships husbandry, training etc all being outsourced why not go really radical and outsource the completes Navy, come to that lets put everything out to contract.

    Private Companies can build equip, train and fight as directed by the MOD and\ agreed in the contract. To save our boys getting hurt we could insert a clause that no personnel used by the contractor can be British Citizens. The contractor could of course\as he sees fit providing he puts up a winning team get the equipment and troops from any part of the world as he sees fit. He would of course have to keep a small force at instant readiness but could call in in after that. They could man and run the Trident missile boats.

    The Opportunities are endless.

  2. FFS Nutty stop giving them ideas, they are employing failed asylum seekers/plane hijackers at Heathrow now so anything can happen.
  3. Shit i hope Des Browne doesn't read this.!!!!! HMS Stringfellows what a lovely thought.
  4. Why don't we contract out Parliament (well, the Commons anyway!) to a management company, to be under the direction of the Cabinet? We could then just vote for the Cabinet every 5 years.
  5. Struck a rich vein here now how is going to work lets flesh it out.

  6. Sounds practical to me in these internet days. We finally have the opportunity to introduce into Britain the Athenian Polis, where every British citizen could vote directly on a whole host of issues. MPs surgery work could be handled by the Third Sector.

    However I have one rather big caveat. I fear rule by the mob (read: Nietschean Herd) with the Daily Wail calling its automatons to obediance and civil war between the Parliamentarians, plebs, Church and liberal Matelots. If the latter didn't win it would be a disaster. Therefore as before, I propose the registration with the Electoral Commission of a new Banyan Party, which would meet every Friday on a warm beach somewhere and deliberate issues of state over cold wets, BBQ and palm trees (looks like Falmouth then ;) ). With Nutty as PM for life, Dunkers as Head of State (King Dunkers I), Slim as Ambassador to Gibraltar, in place to receive HM King Dunkers on his first state visit to British Gibraltar and Karma as Foreign Secretary. Passed-over-Loggie looks a good candidate for Home Secretary, Chieftiff as Minister for Culture, Golden Rivet as Museums Minister (the House of Lords would be part of her portfolio), Rod-Gearing as Minister of Men's Affairs [Cabinet Rank, situated in a drawer somewhere], Maxi as Chancellor (naturally) and the various Stokers as Junior Ministers, Whitemouse as Head of the Civil Serpants, Mrs Nutty as Paymaster General (to stop the PM squandering all our taxes on brandy, coffee and Tortana cakes... :) ), Dondon as Minister of Trade, Rosina as Solicitor General & Stripey_G as Ambassador to St.Vincent, a hot, lonely place in the middle of nowhere with a telegraph mast exactly 14ft 6in high. ;)

    I'd like to be a Steward in the Royal Household.

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