Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by RonJeremy, Mar 25, 2009.

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  1. I would donate a months wages to pour petrol over this cnuts face, light it and then after approximately 5 minutes extinguish the flames with an ice pick. CNUT!


  2. Surely there is some chav somewhere who would like to earn him/herself a few bob.
  3. Personally, I don't trust any Muslim in the UK and I often wonder why they come here, apart from the benefits that is.
    Better to be safe than sorry in my opinion.
  4. For someone who could only muster around 20 supporters to his cause in Luton, he's not exactly starved of the oxygen of publicity, is he? Even here. :roll:
  5. Whatever happened to "D" notices? newspapers should be told that aiding and abetting these plonkers by headlining them is not on . If freedom of speech is an issue ,then stick the items about shitbags on the back page or in the gardening section or sommat
  6. They already do only on there they call them Manchester Utd.
  7. OK; there's a Eurostar leaving Eastwards in about 30 mins. Perhaps he should be on it.
  8. Under it preferably.
  9. Sadly again we see the actions of a minority of Muslims sully the moderate majority who are integrating in British society and appreciate that our secular state enables them to practice their faith without persecution. Muslim fundamentalists are as strident in their demands as their Christian counterparts like Stephen Green whose website makes inflammatory claims about the police; or the young Polish conservative priest Fr Rafał Trytek who recently called for gays to be publically burned at the stake. Why do the media focus mainly on Muslim extremists not our home grown Christian variety, I wonder.

    I count liberal straight and gay Muslims amongst my friends and would defend their liberties.

    If we are going to prosecute Muslim extremists then if we are not to reinforce the extremists claims of British injustice, we must hold Christian militants to the same standard and prosecute them too. This is unlikely to happen as too many members of the House of Lords, demonstrated by their voting record in Hansard, clearly support the militant Christian Agenda, including fostering Muslim children and converting them. Imagine the outcry if a Muslim has fostered a Catholic child and pressurized them to pray to Allah daily and they subsequently converted to Islam. Members of the Lords claimed the foster carer was being persecuted for being a Christian but then the facts emerged. Did they emerge on an atheist website? No, it appeared on the Christian website of Ekklesia. Nuff said.
  10. There is no-one in this once great democracy of ours in a position of authority with the balls to act positively about these scumbags.

    If only our politicians could show some spine and follow Australia's example and show them the door.

    If they are so keen on extremism let them practice it where it started, in the middle east.

    Why do they stay in this country - easy - money and freedom of a soft western society!

    If the BNP where to spout extremist views they would be locked up.

    We are spineless and frightened of our own shadows.

  11. How many christian extremists claiming benefits have vowed to bring down the country that feeds and houses them via violence. As was said earlier in this thread, if he doesn't like this country and what it stands for then fcuk off. (I don't believe in God or follow any religion so I've got no axe to grind either way, personally it's all bollix)

  12. Well said Waspie, I believe the Aussies have a saying " Fit in or Fcuk Off!!!!
  13. Thingy,
    From what i've seen the media do also focus on our own Christian variety.
    I don't honestly think its anywhere near the scale of the double yoker Muslim vaiety
  14. This is the only site I have been on that is not afraid to voice it's opinions and beliefs.
    I wish others would have the guts to say the things that are said here, they must be thinking them.

    I don't think that is 'we' Waspie, there are many on here who would make the law changes required on the first day if they were elected. On the second day they would start using the laws we already had which pc and hr seems to be holding the present elected back.
  15. The Royal 'we'. I appreciate the views by many on here my own are most probably in line with them. But 'we' vote for our leaders, (MP's). Who then play follow the leader for the tenure of their post.

    As a country 'we' must stand and be counted or we will lose everything that is/was British.

    Enoch Powell, whilst extremist and verbose in his views is probably one of the few leaders in recent years who saw what our country was turning into and tried to warn us.

    It's only a shame we never acted on his words.
  16. Quote thingy

    I count liberal straight and gay Muslims amongst my friends and would defend their liberties.

    Gay Muslims thingy? FFS do the Muslims know? Perhaps he does not read the Koran.

    Top tip. Advise him to straight away, or you could be a few friends short.
  17. But do we actually vote for the person or the ideals that he is proporting to uphold?

    They all promise the earth to get into public office (perhaps so they can get on the gravy train and plunder the countries coffers). But then when it comes to it they can't deliver as either it doesn't fit in with the rest of the parties ideals and they get told to wind their neck in by the PM or he / she is so junior they get told to wind their neck in by the civil serpents!

    So I don't believe that we actually vote for our leaders at all - To be honest I dont seem to recall Broon being voted into the office of PM??? He just sort of slithered in from next door where he's been plotting Blairs overthrow for years.
  18. Ditto for Geert Wilders. I think what clouded Enoch's message was that extremists like Robert Relf and the NF latched onto his ideas.
  19. I helped one gain asylum from persecution because of his sexuality.
  20. Rivers of Blood

    Enochs speech for those have never read it.

    Ominus predictions from the past but sadly becoming a reality.

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