Our spineless government could learn a thing or two here.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Apr 7, 2012.

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  1. LAST month the Supreme Court ruled that three suspected Islamic terrorists could not be deported to Algeria. The men were, according to Theresa May, the Home Secretary, a clear danger to national security. No matter, said the judges. Their human rights come first. So too with the infamous Abu Qatada who for the past seven years has fought off attempts by successive Home Secretaries to deport him, citing his human rights.

    How different things are in France. On Tuesday 10 radical Muslims were arrested in raids across the country. They followed the arrests last week of a further 19. It is expected that many of these will be deported.

    In France, national security is put first. And so on Monday two terror suspects were seized by the police, driven to the airport and immediately put on planes out of France. Ali Belhadad, an Algerian Islamist, was convicted of a terrorist attack in Marrakech in 1994 that killed 14 people. He was flown to Algiers.

    Todays Express.

    Full story here:

    Simple question Mrs May, 'If they can show some balls and get rid of their scum why can't we do the same'?
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  2. Finks, the solution to these kinds of issues are is rather simple. All the UK has to do is to encourage a dialogue with these people to see what statutes, policies and procedures that offend them in the UK and change them to suit accordingly.

    Comments like yours will only drive people towards Nationalist parties who wish to preserve their current way of life.
  3. The current way of life is that we cannot deport people who are a threat to our security because of rulings from Strasbourg lawyers which is a bloody nonsense, so does any sane Brit really want to preserve that?
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  4. Like I said Finks, it is for the UK's Government to find out what they can do to make these people refrain from their thoughts and actions.
  5. Italy does exactly the same but on a lower PR key, they deported two radicals after Strasburg stated they couldn't. The punishment a fins of a couple thousand Euros. We on the other hand abide by the rules and spend millions on housing them and preserving their rights
  6. Well I for one will never accept the crazy verdicts of the unelected ECHR, when they take the sides with rapists, murderers and terrorists against the British public.
  7. Come the revolution, comrade, I'll be right behind you ! :protest:
  8. BTW Finx, was that you I saw in the Thames this afternoon, trying to hitch a ride in the Oxford boat ?
  9. Flags, not being a polyglot and having a swarthy complexion I avoid your capital city like the plague.
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  10. It was our capital city that started the plague !!!!! :blob6:
  11. I thought it was black rat!
  13. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There was me thinking it came ashore in Wyke Regis
  14. Sadly you are all wrong! The plague started on the number 19 omnibus route between Gosport and Fareham. The first recorded diagnosis (initially made by the loblolly boy) was at RNH Haslar. The patient was Welsh and swore he caught it of an infected sheepskin fleece. The bus ticket was on display at the museum in Haslar, until it was stolen by a scots medic in 1984 who tried to use it as a Gosport Ferry Ticket to save himself the fare.
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  15. What I fail to understand with this debacle is that Mrs May and the rest of the cabinet plus the decent people of the UK deplore the ruling from the ECHR allowing people who are a threat to our national security to remain here, so why don't they give Strasbourg the finger and just deport these vile characters, after all other than wailing and gnashing their teeth there is SFA Strasbourg can do about it.
  16. You answered your own question in your opener "spineless government" and the need to be seen to be good Europeans, all the political leaders have their snouts in the trough and shout loudly before elections about referendums then do nothing about it
  17. I remember that incident well, the said codeine cowboy was Jock McSporran, he had just finished drying out in Z Ward and was on his way to the Ship Leopard for an end of course piss up.
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  18. I don't think that a politician saying someone is a threat to national security should be seen as enough to deport someone. If there is any evidence to prove they are a threat then it should be placed in front of a judge to decide. I believe this is one of the key foundations to our democracy and one of the things we are fighting to defend. If we compromise this then I would argue we are losing.
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  19. Do you ever watch the news, or even listen to some of the answers given by politicians.
    democrasy is an illusion, you live in an autocratic state where the political class only listen to the electorate and promise all before general elections. After they are in power the electorate can go Fck themselves. They will publish their MP's tax returns but not any other income from advisor to, in the pocket of, private incomes from second sources.
    The judiciary are little better, barristers at £800+ an hour, Sue off someone's arse no win no fee solicitors. All out of touch with the opinions of the man / woman/ gender friendly to be politically correct. We have already lost begger on horseback lashes begger on foot is all that is now left.
    Who won the boat race?
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