Our Sam

Is Rum Ration now becoming NET famous?

Type sam dicosta into google, and see the results. Rum Ration is mentioned twice perhaps RR should be called Walt Finder Persouviant (Bugger the spelling)


Lantern Swinger
I saw that and had to look to see if the dumbass did something else..lol

I haven't heard a word from him and again I owe it all to you who worked hard to out his lying Walt self and in the process gave me a few laughs!

YOu all miss me???


Lantern Swinger
higthepig said:
We love you Pamthespam, find us another Walt.

I love you guys too! :eek:

Don't worry..I'm on heightened Walt alert and the next one that comes my way, I will have you guys take him down.

Have a great day!
Pam the Spam