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Our Ros

Is she a ginger or not?
andym said:
Youre right,Strawberry blonde!

Excuse me Andy, but that was taken when I was 20 and I've changed completely now!

So Rosie the "strawberry ginge" is really you? When were you at President? Not what I expected at all! You're really gorgeous! :D
rosinacarley said:
ha! so not funny.

I am reliably informed this is hig - note the socks and the sandals!

No, no. Rosie, this is John Reid campaigning for Labour at the last General Election. Note the false hair, sea green socks, funny sandles and RED poms poms on his drumsticks. He was arrested later for impersonating Neptune.


Is he modelling the new fearnought suit? and I'm sure she is strawberry blonde on No9 puns: polishing the cannon, a favourite for the rat catchers!!

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