Our own Little Hitler?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by andym, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. Oh dearie me!Hes done it AGAIN!FFS Seadick CANT you just stop being a MEGLOMANIACAL cretin and stop deleteing posts WITHOUT any explanation?Are you some sort of One Man Censor Board?It seems to me that if you dont agree with a post it gets pulled without so much as a by your leave or explanation.I seem to recollect we have been her before,and am still waiting for an explanation/apology(which i doubt is forth coming).You Sir,are a Knob of the greatest Maginitude and rude to boot!

    So i shall post it here.

    Now hear this!
    The king, that flower of chivalry, that prince of monarchs,that paragon of potentates, is going to speak.Hear the wisdom, witness the wit,observe the oratorical eloquence, lend an ear to the mellow voice, the tender tones,the coruscating consonants,of His Majesty, King Seadick The Turd!Who is going to give it to you straight,clarify the conundrums, dazzle us with logic.

    Seadick will speak. SEADICK!.
    Thank you.
  2. He speaks very highly of you Andy :p
  3. :roll: Is that worse than the Master at Arms onboard????? :wink: No Nutty to blame now, Re your MEGLOMANIACAL ( I will have to google that up :oops: :oops: ) :lol: :lol:
  4. Seconded, the man is a post deleting, holier than thou, sanctimonious ball-bag of monumental proportions.

    And as for his bum chum, Naval Gayer...........
  5. Me being a thick cnut thought at times ,I had pressed the wrong buttons, as from time to time some of the sh*t I have written has disappeared.

    I did not realise we had censorship to the degree that at a whim and without any warning (or even being informed )that your posts could be given disappear medicine.

    Surely just every day good manners dictate that at the very least you are informed. No? Then an explanation as to why not is in order.
  6. This has been going on for years mate and to a point i agree that some of the shite that is written-including mine at times-should be deleted from threads. However i seem to remember that at one point when a post was deleted an explanation was made as to the reasoning behind it from the MODS seadog included. Personally i have no beef with any of the MODS and i guess it should also be added that they have lives unlike some of us at the moment and decided on the spur of the moment that what was posted was inappropriate to that forum.

    As an aside the author of this thread (Andym) and Seadog have Hx going back 2-3 years if i remember so this is by no means a new lovers tiff between them!!
  7. For those who still need reminding, this is from The Rules of RR as laid down by Bad CO, one of the two bosses who founded the site:

    As is often said, it's 'their trainset' so what they say goes. This is from the Moderation Policy for the Current Affairs forum and is entirely consistent with Bad CO's words above:

  8. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    AndyM and Seadog - the Circle of Life is complete once more........
  9. The C and A threads could be vacant, and Lils/Gash Barge full to bursting,in the future :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  10. As ever it is not so much the mopderation that is complained of but the sryle.

    As you will know I fully support moderation when it is needed, but to be effective and encourage better and 'safer' posting both the offender and the community at large should be made aware of the action taken and the reasons.
  11. are the fun police at it again?
  12. Now, I know that I am a prize candidate for crayoning on forums, but.
    I believe that from time to time MOD privelages should be rotated so as to avoid this kind of sh1te.

    There are also some MODs listed who haven't been see since 1904. There are some very good MODs. (Yes you too NZB, even if you are a sheep shagiing cross dressing pole slurper.) But there are also some stale, embittered, privelage abusing twarts.

    Why not let those who THINK they can do better prove it?
  13. Indeed but none of that is an excuse or justification for discourtesy. The point of moderation should be to yes ensure that postings meet the rule, but also to guide by example and help those who have difficulty with the rules and at all times to behave in a proper manner.

    It is worth notoing that most of the moderators here do not have 'history' with other members.
  14. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    you're asking the wrong people - e-mail the COs - they are the ones who confer modship. I don't think any of the current MODs asked - they were all invited by the COs.

    I know that the COs are wary of overdoing the number of MODs, and that they want to maintain a balance, but as you say there are a number who have not been seen for a while and maybe its time to refresh the gene pool on a one for one basis.

    But as I said, thoughts such as these should be directed at the COs.
  15. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Andy, you went into CA's with both guns blazing directed at the MOD. You should'nt be surprised that your posts were chopped.

    Whats interesting about that thread is the sympathy given by the supposedly intelligent members of RR towards a convicted criminal.

    "shrewd operator", "out of character", "I served with him", "his list of achievements"

    Whilst comments like "sack him", "no pension", are just wrong in this case, I did notice a "circle the wagons" attitude being taken. Would I be wrong in saying that mind engineering or behavioral control is being employed with this case of "closing ranks".

    Did I just post in Lils without swearing,
    Fcukn ya!

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