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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by josiecats, Mar 27, 2007.

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  1. Well it seems thats we all have our unusual names in here so jus for fun
    share the reason for your name..
  2. Slim name given to me shortly after joining and starting my Beer diet.
  3. I think my avatar explains why the Mob christened me thus!
  4. Because of my surname which was written inside my cap so I knew where to put it when they ordered "On Cap".

    Oh how I laughed when someone wrote feet in my shoes or boots.

  5. Nothing better I could think of, plus I've spent so much money in Twigs I must own it by now, thus be King of it!
  6. My boat is a Maxi 77
  7. My Itch needs a Dhoby
  8. Jambosun - self explanatory but also am a Heart of Midlothian Fan who are known as Jam Tarts (Rhyming slang and they play in maroon which could be considered to be jam coloured) That has been shortened so that Hearts fans are known as Jambos therefore cleverly(?) combining the RN and my beloved football team.

    'Kin Hell that was a boring explanation!!
  9. My hair(what there is left of it) is said to resemble a mop......
  10. The model of motorbike i ride
  11. I am on a Jungly squadron (Commando Helos) and my (nick)name is Daz.
  12. Before I became a bomber fag, I was a fore ends watch keeper on “O†boats, so I’m an ex fore endy.
  13. The sport I played for many years and my dogs name - Bob, its also one of my christian names
  14. name i picked up at gspot due to having shaved head on joining xx..xx was the only way i could use it on here
  15. Nutty Bag. Nutty is name given to chocolate, nuts etc. Therefore a nutty bag is the item in which this is carried used by nods as a means of keeping going doing training.
  17. Well my army nickname is sub so I couldnt use that ,Deeps was a nice ish name used for submariners by skimmers.
  18. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    well I have jet black hair..... NOT!!
  19. I chose mine because of the white between the gold lace of the old S&S branch (worn long before I enlisted I hasten to add !! :razz: )
    White Mice (or White Mafia as seems to be the case in today's modern Navy) was a term for us Blue carders. And 'Jackdusty' and 'Dusty Jack' had already been claimed.
  20. Met someone who was exRN through a lonely hearts ad - nothing doing as he was married - to tease me he suggested I ask someone who also claimed to be RN what the golden rivet was. Being a northern lass this rather silly concept appealed to me - also means that new people in Lil's think I'm a bloke at first which is quite a laugh. I can't help thinking that in spite of all the banter the RN must be a rather straight laced world as I'm often asked if I know what it really means - I try to remember to say "no please explain..." :wink:

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