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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Ben_C, Jul 26, 2007.

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  1. Find them, charge them then 6 months in Boot Camp (Bad Lads Army style)
  2. I just hope the Police do find these barstewards and string them up by their balls....but that wont happen will it?...
    Too often I've read about instances where this is happening and lives are being lost. Would just love it if it were one of these thugs that were injured and he died because his ambulance was "delayed"!!!
  3. name and shame them (if they find them) and then remove ANY Emergency Service cover to ALL family members living in the same house as them
  4. Although this is a terrible terrible incident i'm afraid that as an ambulanceman it never ceases to amaze me the shear selfishness of some people.

    I was running about as part of a second crew trying to organise extra equipment, stretcher and kit whilst my crew mates were busily trying to resuscitate an old boy upstairs in his bedroom. Up bimbles some daft cnut and asks me if i can move the ambulance because it's blocking his way. He didnt seem to like the fact that i dont him straight that he was an utter tosser and should wait and threatened to report me. This isn't the only episode but i'm sure you get the general idea.
  5. Like the rest of us I can not understand the mentality of these people, but I know only too well it happens. My brother was a fireman when he was alive and it was regualr for the neds in the estate near his fire station to start a fire then throw concrete blocks at the firemen when they came from the tower block balconies. Equally where I used to live the plod attended all 999 calls to protect the fire and ambulance crews from similar behaviour. Certainly from my experience the plod does all they can to catch them but in many estates there are just too many escape routes and the neds know where it is safe to strike from and where it is not.
  6. As much as i would love to do this mate, it wouldn't happen because these gimps ring for an ambulance with fuck all and funnily enough one turns up within 8 minutes. It's not been unusual in the past for us to be called out to some scroat who we have taken in from one town to the local hospital only for him to abscond as soon as he has arrived due to him living just across the road from A&E.

    Free taxi but the remedy is to piss them off by going to the hospital further away so they have to get a cab home.

    Even telling these knobbers who are drunk and making knobbers of themselves that this is one of two ambulances in the whole locality and a little child could need it doesn't work. Theres no getting through to them and i lose my temper frequently.

  7. Should have run the fcukers down, and then been ever so slow with the ambulance coming out for them..see how they like it!!!
  8. It has crossed my mind on occasions
  9. There seems to be no getting away from the fact that society has changed for the worse. God only knows what the answer is. Maybe everything from better education, all the way to vigilante groups patrolling the streets and dishing out punishment to thugs, then finding their parents and beating the shit out of them as well.
  10. NB, you could always detect an "arrhythmia" and hook them up to the defib for a few jolts.....or just embolise the twats with a slip/poke. Still, you must have seen the bite where you whip out the worlds biggest canular and watch their eyes roll in the back of their head while you draw back on the syringe? What harm could it do in the arsecheek......
  11. Problem is under NuLabours laws, they removed the rights for Parents/Schools/The Law to punish anyone and so they know they are not held responsible for their actions and so until that is reversed, you will always find the little 'darlings' quoting human rights, civil liberties etc....

    Bring back borstals and see how they like 6 months being shouted at day and night without the Human Rights lawyers fighting for their business.
  12. I agree that this problem is widespread through society, but let me put a little light in your lives.

    I got angry about this just before I got on the tredder for home last week. As I steamed my way home down the bike track I noticed a young scrote, about 10 years old, holding a roap across the tracks and hiding in the bushes. Pretty obvious that he was trying to injure someone.
    I pulled to a stop and called him out and said, 'You do realise you could really hurt someone with that?'
    his reply - 'Yeah, that's what I'm trying to do'.
    What I should have done is biked on and called police, but I know that they are too busy doing paperwork and chasing NuLabour targets.
    So I slapped the little siht. As hard as I fckuing could, just like a copper did to me when I was a kid.
    Then I cycled away, sticking my fingers up at him and laughing my socks off.

    Bet he doesn't do that again in a hurry.
  13. Well done Golly. Hopefully you weren't seen so he can't get a witness to use for a legal case.

    Ex Golly by any chance?
  14. I nice grey or orange cannula in the ACF generally sorts them out mate no mistaking.
  15. Nice one Golly, I'll back you all the way on that one... :thumright:
  16. Ex / Current, after my last post I think I shall not disclose!!!

  17. Bravo Zulu mate , would do exactly the same myself if I thought there was no whitness's around , fxxxxxxxxxxg scumbags . :whax: :whdat:
  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Without diminishing the origin of this thread, I am concerned by the subsequent glorification of Gollyman's violence towards a - in his words - "young scrote, about 10 years old".

    Well how very mature! Had the miscreant been of a similar age and stature as the author then mild applause may have been deserved. But by taking the law into your own hands against a child can I assume that when this 'young scrote' grows up and administers his own justice to others in a similar manner, will we pat him on the back in the same way?! Of course, because he learned that it is okay to slap people who do wrong... 8O

    What if another adult slapped your offspring in a similar fashion; would you be as forgiving then?!

    I know this self-appointed vigilanteeism went on in the past, and evidently still goes on today, but admitting to it in public and then expecting praise from RR members, is beyond comprehension. I hope for your sake no one saw what you did. Bet you won't so proud of your actions then..?

    I expect incoming, but I stand by my opinion. :roll:

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