Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Backpacker1uk, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Cilla Black to star in Liverpool Empire Pantomine

    SCOUSE superstar Cilla Black
    heads an all-star line-up in this year’s Liverpool Empire panto.

    The festive show, will bring the curtain down on Capital of Culture

    Cinderella at the Empire is already being billed as the UK’s top pantomime.

    Cilla, who shot to fame as a singer at the Cavern Club alongside the Beatles, last played panto in Liverpool 22 years ago.

    She said: “This is definitely a homecoming as Liverpool is ‘home’ to me.

    "It will be my last pantomime. I shall never do it again after this. :w00t: :w00t: :w00t:

    "It’s because of Liverpool that I’m doing it." :laughing9: :laughing9:
  2. Thank fck for that. Cilla the plastic Scouser really gets up my nose, sooner she retires for good the better. :pukel:
  3. Cilla.... :pale:
  4. Not selling insurance anymore then?
  5. Is she still going? Like Terry Wogan!! Only the good die young.
  6. READ

    It is because I am desperate to make more money that I am doing it
    End READ
    Jack McH
  7. And in the Liverpool Daily Post they write

    She will headline a starry Liverpool company in Cinderella opening at the Liverpool Empire on December 11 and running through until January 4.

    Still glamorous at 64,
    she admitted she preferred to take it easy these days, turning down numerous job offers.

    “But when this came through I knew I had to do it,†she said. “I will be playing the Fairy Godmother, a role I have never played before.â€

    She was last in pantomime at the Empire in 1986, an occasion which gave rise to one of show-business’s best-loved stories.

    She had asked the audience how she should kill the villain played by Gareth Hunt. “Sing to him!†shouted a small child. “It got such a good laugh we put it in the show and used it every night.†:yawnstretch:
  8. Ah, c'mon guys. She was good in her day, beltin' out some real crackers. OK, she went over to the dark side later on and started puttin' on the accent but when you get accustomed to the money it must be hard to turn things down.

    Fair play to her if this is her swan song - she gave me and plenty of others a lot of pleasure. Don't say you wouldn't give this a second look thirty(ish) years ago .

  9. :afro:
    I'm sure she'll get a Lorra Lorra Laughs, can't stand the woman myself but fair play to her!
  10. Speaking as a scouser myself, I cant stand celebrity scousers, always twating on about how great Liverpool is when none of them actually live here anymore, (with the exception of a few who maybe live on the outskirts) and got out the first chance they could.

    They deserve a kicking!
  11. Very true many of my best mates are scousers. Plus I wore the green lid alongside scousers for many a year.

    We do have a certain ex Brookside scouser who is convinced where it lives is a borough of Liverpool always spouting out it would never leave the Pool

    It's neighbours would be very happy if it took a one way ticket to Helmand Province so they can get a good nights sleep and not listen to the dorks all night fecking parties.

    One Charlie G required HEDP ammo for the use of!!
  12. First topless bar I went to was in Toxteth. Years before any of the violent stuff. :afro:

    When that happened I thought why? Had they made 'em put their t-shirts back on ? :dwarf:

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