Our Blonde Bombshell Heroines


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Re: Our Blonde Bombshel Heroines

"Joanne added: “I do miss a bit of female company every now and then, so that’s when it’s good to have Alice around."

I bet. :p

"Oh look, wimmin! Quick, everyone concentrate on them and ignore the vast majority of servicemen out there doing their jobs!!"

Either you want equality or not! Make your minds up ladies, because if you get what you wish for, then you might not like being ignored until you're wounded or killed in some shitehole country thanks to a politician you never voted for.

(Got a headache and my back is bloody killing me, so raspberries all round if that upset anyone! ;) )
An ugly looking couple of lezzers if ever I saw some.
Standard current bun/navy news crap, hey look, I've got a minge and I wear a uniform......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz