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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by brazenhussy, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. Have been looking at all our avatars - and what a diverse bunch we have - so I got to thinking - why have we picked our particular one?!

    Yes yes I know - I have an exciting life - and yes I need to get out more!!

    But to get back on track - mine is self explanatory I think!! :thumright:
  2. My avatar is borne of laziness mate. The ones on my PC that I wanted to use were too big for this site unfortunately, so I just chose one at random from the gallery :)

    I've got a copy of Avatar Sizer somewhere so i'm thinking of changing mine ;)
  3. Photobucket do an avatar resizer hun - thats how i reduced my photo!!
  4. Good Question BH, mine is Peter Sellers as Fred Kite in the 50s movie 'Im All Right Jack.' a comedy about British industrial relations ( Some say its true!). Anyhoo big fan of the movie, so it had to go up when I found it. Well it was either that or a sheep and she said 'No'.
  5. Now THAT is one of my favourite films of all time :)
  6. mine a copy of my passport photo.
  7. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    I just have a fetish for jenny occifers.
  8. Excellent movie that one. Might just try to get it on DVD.

    My Avatar? Also self explanatory I hope. Besides my eyes aren't as nice as BHs.

  9. I chose Tia Dalma because she is a sexy, inky mouthed, sassy and slightly scary pirate honey and by having her as my avatar I can look at her all day! :whew:
  10. Its more to do with the 6kb size limit mate :)
  11. You fancy that? Bloody scarier than Sigourney Weaver in Aliens!! Sicko!! Think I can hear sirens - you'd better leg it mate

  12. Coz I just love it :wav:
  13. I like cats and it's true!
  14. Haven't found a decent one of a white mouse yet....
    perhaps when I don't feel so kn******d at the end of the day, I'll get looking (can't do it Sat/Sun 'cos the OH has me slaving away... :( )
  15. Of course she's scary but still v sexy. Then again I did once have a thing for the cartoon character Megara from Disney's Hercules and even had a little model of her in my cabin so you're probably right - legging it now!!!
  16. Simple..I AM A GLOP HEAD!!!!! :bootyshake:
  17. Because although I am human inside I have a veneer af steel (or whatever they are made of) bollocks - Dr Who is just my favourite TV prog since it started again a couple of years ago :w00t:
  18. Mine is of my family coat of arms. My dad who i met when i was 28 was giving me the lowdown on it and where my surname derived from.
  19. I have strange dreams after a few wets......
  20. CT by trade - say no more!!

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