OUCH !!!!!!!!!

mmmm seems to me.... most of these posts start out inocently enougth
then half way through turns into a slagging match...
why.... are you all hormoanal or somthing......... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :D 8O :D
er if you hadn't noticed Josie the place is 95 - 98% full of roughy toughy scouting types who like nothing better than to fight each other, get drunk and fall insensible across some poor woman - what that means for the women on this site heaven knows - but if I had to fall insensible across a woman you'd definitely be my first choice mind you Morsy looks hot in that uniform and Rosie .... ;)

The_Caretaker said:
I know me Fcuk face so how long have you been out on gaydar kingoftwigs has a profile on there.

You must tell all why not come out on here!!!
I know nothing about gay sites, however after you posted I thought I would look at gaydar. You need to be a member to get onto the site so I only got as far as the front page, looks like theres more than kingoftwigs in the closet from here.
Always_a_Civvy said:
Miss_Naughty said:
The_Caretaker said:
... so how long have you been out on gaydar kingoftwigs has a profile on there.
I have the feeling someone else has a profile on Gaydar ...
Well you might expect to find me there but you won't. I belong to RR... S A I L O R S... much better... Mmmmmmmmmmmmm :D :D :D
Didn't mean you Steve, youv'e been out of the closet so long that you've forgotten the way back in. 8)
Oh sorry Caretaker, forgot you are now head porter in a block of posh flats. In that case then you will have to come out of the "walk in wardrobe" . Lets face it if you are a member of gaydor as you must be to try and out kingof twigs, you reckon you may have shagged the wardmaster this would seem that you must be a Pooftah.
Come out of the closet/wardrobe you never know you may get some bum fun.

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