Other than the Money, what are the real advantages to boats

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by alex123, Oct 2, 2008.

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  1. Hi i'v got my RT in a week and i'm joining the royal navy as a WE - surface, however i'v still got this niggling feeling that I should go with my 2nd choice, WESM.

    I've always been really interested in submarines and i like the idea of being elite and having more responsibility and knowledge and I know i wouldn't be claustrophobic. Already asked this in "newbies" I just want to see what you submariners think, and does anyone regret going on submarines?

    I've done loads of research into both, still cant 100% decide! TBH my heart says boats but my head is saying surface. I got the impression from afco that once your in surface fleet its no longer a case of volunteer when you want, to go boats? Can you volunteer for boats at anytime whilst being a skimmer, like even say, 6 months after phase 2 if i wanted?

    As a 17 yr old joining the navy as weapons engineer what would you do, surface or boats?

  2. To answer your question, imo, apart from the money there are no real advantages for boats over Ships.

    If I was you I would join as Skimmer and then if you still want to later on, then transfer to SM. It's easier to transfer to SM's than from, as you then need to be prepared to take the pay cut.
  3. Re: Other than the Money, what are the real advantages to bo

    As Nutty has pointed out before:

    Skimmers sink once and cannot surface without a little help from above


    Boats sink whenever the fancy takes them and surface when the hands are thirsty! :biggrin:

    I think you're too skin at 17 to enter The Deep. :roll:
  4. Re: Other than the Money, what are the real advantages to bo

    Agrre with what the others have said - If I was you I would see some of the world in the grey funnel line and then tx to boats. Take it from someone who has been in boats (bombers) for 26 years and NEVER even been to Gib
  5. Alex, the AFCO are telling bald faced lies. You can volunteer ANYTIME for submarines. Dont let anyone tell you different. The manning problems are severe, people who fail phase 2 training are often given the option to go subs or get discharged.
  6. I don't think if you fail phase 2 training, they would give you the option to go Submariner? ???

    To go Submariner you still need to complete phase 2 training plus the additional SM training, which is no walk in the park. If you can't pass phase 2, how are going to be able to pass SM training? Indeed, it works in reverse, people that fail SM training, go Skimmer or are discharged.
  7. I heard for AET this sometimes happens, wouldnt be surprising given the difficulty of the professional training.
  8. I have been a submariner since I was 17 1/2. I have been around the world and stayed in 5 star hotels in some wonderful places. I have also stayed in shitty B&Bs in some holes.

    Dont Listen to the 'You will get stuck on bombers' You will only get them for your entire career if you WANT them for your entire career.

    I have had an R boat, 2 Swiftsure class and a V boat.

    Remember the choice is yours, but I would always choose boats(and I have done a deployment on a carrier as well!!)

    Boats IMO are a totally different Navy and are only comparable to Small ships when it comes to the camaradre and fun that can be had.
  9. The biggest reason for becoming a submariner is that you will work with the best group of people you will ever get the chance to meet, and you will be able to go on runs ashore with them too.
  10. Re: Other than the Money, what are the real advantages to bo

    Go Boats. I did the grey liners for the first part of my career then tx to boats best thing i ever did highly recommended.
  11. I spent 20 years in boats, but it always, (and I mean always), got on my tits to hear some of the lads running down skimmers even though they have never been one.
    There's nothing easy about skimmers in comparason with boats, in fact it's the other way around, life gets pretty quiet when your deep and cut off from the outside world, no comms, no internet, no world service.

    Personally, I would take a skimmer first so that you know what it's all about and have earned the right to mock them, and then volunteer for boats.

    You should do it that way around as it's very rare for a submariner to want to transfer out of boats to Gens, but if you should, then you will know what to expect.
  12. Follow the way it was always done, go skimmers,see much more of the world and learn your trade, after two or three years if it still appeals join boats.

    We now have a Submarine fleet that is very restricted in what ports it can visit. A year or two ago in these pages Gib was voted as one of the best runs ashore in the world by the younger generation. No it is just a place to top up with fuel and or stores before you go onto proper runs ashore.

    Accommodation charges whilst in Naval ports will eat into your Submarine pay.

    Well That my thoughts on the subject.

  13. Yes they do. They do get offered SM if they fail academically.

    The argument that if they can't pass one course, they can't pass another carries no weight as they have passed all the courses in the past, are doing so now and will doubtless continue to do so in the future.

    If you fail SM training, you will be offered two things - GS or outside - this is of course case by case and is dependant upon circumstances at the time such as 'why did he fail exam after exam...ie was it within his control to pass or was he just an idle scrote/pisshead etc...
  14. Re: Other than the Money, what are the real advantages to bo

    Talking of scrotes - who gives these buggers the lecture on how to be one?
    By the time they get to the waterfront they know all the scams, which doc to go to, which strings to pull and where. I'm convinced that someone provides "scrotemanship" sessions to the little darlings
  15. Re: Other than the Money, what are the real advantages to bo

    They're kids, mostly. It's their job!!
  16. Re: Other than the Money, what are the real advantages to bo

    Mate that is what us WAFU's are scared of. Going under is not good for helos. They are drafting anyone they can get their mits on now. If we fail its either civie or under the drink.
    You can change to SM at any time so long as you pass the medical and get SMQ. Plus you get more of a lump sum payout if you change whilst your in the fleet rather than direct entry
  17. I think you are hardly in a position to advise between 'Gens' and 'boats' cos it seems you have had only experience in boats- sorry.
    As others have said do the 'Gens' thing first the experience will be beneficial and make you a 'rounded' person!!!
  18. Re: Other than the Money, what are the real advantages to bo

    Did you read my post? I guess you ignored the 'I also did a deployment on a carrier' part then?

    Anyway dont let that get in the way of your opinion.
  19. Re: Other than the Money, what are the real advantages to bo

    Totally agree with everyone who says do General Service first and then join boats. As Not Me Chief says you get fed up of baby submariners (and older ones) slagging off gens when they have never set foot on a pussers grey. On the other hand there seems to be an attitude of 'the grass is 10 times greener' in gens from some of the youngsters I have served with, trying to convince them that being in boats is far, far more laid back and more adult about so many things is difficult, only way for them to find out is to give up SM pay and see for themselves! I enjoyed my time in the surface fleet but wouldn't go back now, joining boats was without doubt the best thing that I did in the RN. The odd crap day, watch or whatever as anyone has had but overall no complaints from this hombre.

    Join a ship, have a few jollies, volunteer for boats - simple!
  20. Re: Other than the Money, what are the real advantages to bo

    Yes mupp I read your post AND you said you joined boats at 17 1/2 so lets work this out!!!
    Joined up at 16, six months training went to sea perhaps at 16 1/2(doubtful!!) then 1 year later into boats uhmm! Hardly experience is it? Or is it!!
    Perhaps you did a year on a sweeper as well!!

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