Other Qualifications Whilst Training to become a Aet

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by cushdee, Aug 15, 2008.

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  1. Hey there people
    Soon to be down in Sultan and i'm wondering what other sort of qualifications people usually try for? I remember the Chief Saying about we get so much money per annum to use on Further Education. Im Interested in maybe Gettin some A levels Alongside My Aet training?

    As i've been told the Aet Course is one of the hardest going! So im wondering if people do actually go for other qualifications or do most people wait until they have passed out of Phase 2 before taking up anything else?

  2. It's true, you'll get money to spend on gaining other qualifications (it's not exclusive to AETs) - but don't get too ambitious and attempt to do it while you're going through Phase 2, no matter if you're managing with the course easily enough or not. You'll have plenty of other stuff to do with yourself besides doing A-Levels. Wait until you get drafted then look into it, it's when you'll have more time to do what you want - with the likes of Pompey's finest not being a viable distraction. :)

    I was under the impression (illusion, perhaps) that MA training, and even some aspects of submarine training was tougher than the AET, phase II, at least, but it's always going to be the case "my training is harder than yours...", "no! mine is harder" - even the Royals try it "well, my training is harder because we have to sit in holes for 3 days with no sleep banging out pressups...." - training is no "harder" from branch to branch, it is simply different, and different people have different interpretations of "hard".

    Best example is Engineering/ Maths/ Physics, at uni - people think of God, that must be hard... and it is, because more people find other subjects easier, however, for maths-buffs alike, they may not be very good at other subjects - Geography, History, etc. Just don't get lulled into branches being harder/ better than others, least not at such an early stage - as the motto says "The Team Works", and it works only because the team, that is everyone -- "harder" or not -- are there to make it work. :thumright:

    I take it you've got everything sorted wrt. the traffic incident then? Great to hear!

    -djmm :)
  3. While on your AET course it would be wise to give the course 100% of your attention to ensure that you pass. I don't know if it has changed but in my day if you passed with a certain percentage you were allowed to attend a mechanician selection board. yes I know that their is no such thing as Mechs or Tiffs these days but do high flyer's qualify for advancement?
    Once you have passed AET then concentrate on getting to leading hand. If you do not have a driving licence then perhaps you can your your allowance towards getting one.
    Of course it's always worthwhile continuing your education so use your annual allowance studying any subjects you are interested in that the allowance is available for.
  4. What members are saying is true. Get your AET training, QM and QS out of the way. Do you PPE as soon as possible then worry about other stuff. Plenty of colleges do distance learning so you can study when detached or at sea.
    I dragged ass and never did education untill about mt 10 year point, then I never let a Standard Learning Credit go to waste. I now have a PDR full of certs.

    Good Luck.
  5. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Have you got job yet or are you planning to bum around like you have for your last ten years :dwarf:
  6. Don't knock bumming around chieftiff. It is a skill hard learned by the FAA and one best kept between ourselves. :w00t:
  7. Time to stop bumming around, start sept 8th. (Not for BAE!!!!!) Thank God! Could not sit at home all day (Working from home?) being a house-husband!!!!!! Bet you get the hoover out when she's at work!!!!!!!
  8. I got away with it for 24 yrs!
  9. In '04/05 it was >90% and you were eligable for "fast-track" to PO (the academic requisite for PO being an FdEng (which is ~2/3 of a single honours); however, even if eligable, you still had to apply to do it - and keep a record (workbook or something they called it) throughout - I seen one in which the mate in question -I didn't know him- had a section entitled something along the lines of "Life as a Mattlow" - I remember the spelling, having laughed a little, that he was able to hit 90% consistently but didn't know how to spell matelot. The "fast-track" is the modern equivalent of the old tiffs (there were still the last of the tiffs running through Sultan on their LHs at that point).

  10. In my day ALL tiffy apprentices had to keep a journal. This was inspected weekly and comments made. though I was not a tiff I do feel that the RN has lost a great deal with the discontinuation of this branch.
  11. As an AET only just 2 weeks into the system it may sound crazy for me to concur with you on that, however, I agree with you fully.

    The old structure certainly seemed to work a lot better (and managed to keep a lot more people from PVRing!), in my very-humble opinion (and that of others, like yourself). I actually firstly applied for AEA, passed selection and was due to join Raleigh as one of the last AEA entries. It was decided, though, that I would not, and I was one of the first on the new AET system, with the last MEA entry being only 2 weeks ahead of me at Raleigh!

    I wasn't best pleased with it, as I understood the difference between the two - and it played a large part in my PVRing at Sultan. 3 and a bit years on, and I'm back at Raleigh, having tried the student scene and all it brings - and goes to show that a lot of the people who PVR do indeed come back when they realise the grass isn't quite so green.... Now, if only I can get myself onto the UY as soon as humanly possible - my career-goal of becoming an AEO, RN, will be complete! :w00t:

    -djmm :)
  12. Djimm
    As long as you don't fall into the trap that most matelots fall into (myself included) there is no reason why you should not eventually become an AEO.
    The Trap?
    Once you have passed all your exams you may be called to the Bar, much time and money will be spent in this places to the detriment of your further education. I know I was that bar fly, but it was great fun :w00t:
  13. look on the bright side shippers, if you'd probably not have got the branch of your choice (presuming you wanted WAFU) and that is worth far more than Rank/Rate and the money that goes with it. I originally wanted to join as a Tiff, but have no regrets about having joined as an AEM (as it was then), because I wanted to work with Aircraft and only 7 Tiffs out of 60-odd who joined at the same time, got WAFU. As I tell my big bro, (a CPO WE) I'd rather be an AB in my branch than a CPO in his.

    Tiff was phased out because whilst people didn't PVR, lots only did their minimum return of service before handing in their chit. This was costing the Pusser a fortune, so now we have the ET system. The theory being that once somebody gets to PO on this system, they'll be older, wiser and more settled into service life. Thus meaning they'll stay the full course and be worth the investment in training.
  14. Yeah, I know - in my short time in last time, as soon as we hit Pompey it was aftershocks and tequilas almost every night. Now, I'm not such a gay that I won't be there with the lads, but I'll certainly be curtailing it somewhat, seeing as I've never drank aftershock (nor do I intend to) ever since one end of the month *bop* at Sultan...... :pukel: :pukel: :pukel:

  15. I wasn't aware that Tiffs were streamed after training... Certainly as I applied for AEA, not M/WEA and as far as I knew it those that were a couple of weeks ahead of us at Raleigh were all MEA's.

    But yeah, I'd agree - the Marine side of Engineering isn't my cuppa, so I'd have been pissed if I'd been stuck with that, though, WEA (fair enough, you'll struggle to get a job once you leave) does sound like it would be sort of cool.

    Fair plan, but what about the "fast-track" lads? They're supposed to reach PO, all going well, in 4 years (about the same as a Tiff?). So it'll be the same for anyone who wants to go fast-tracked... which means that the next move is to pull the plug and only have AEM-T's!


    (Sorry for hi-jacking the thread Cushdee!)
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Proper WAFUs drink Avcat and orange... :thumright:
  17. I'll have to give it a go... Maybe it'll taste a bit like Pernod!?

  18. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Yeaaaahhh.... something like that... 8O
  19. We invented a cocktail we called AVCAT when in Parma a few years ago. Can't remember what was in it, but our Sqn Chef remarked to me after 5 days of it, "Glad we're sailing today, I started P1ssing blood this morning!"

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