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Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by rmAET, Aug 16, 2010.

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  1. Hello all,

    I am an AET on the Junglee circuit and am looking at raising my papers, my main focus is on applying for pilot training, however I am aware that age isn't really on my side and there are a couple of medical issues that couple stop me.

    I would like to know what other officer disciplines are available to me within the FAA, other than AEO I am unsure of what other disciplines there are.

    I am looking at UY(E) University of Portsmouth Degree Scheme though I am again unsure of what the criteria are for this scheme. I have a meeting booked with the careers officer at Yeovilton for the first week back off leave, therefore, I am trying to use my time on leave getting some background info and research to present to him.

    Can anyone help with the above issues raised?

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
  2. I know of a few AVSOs who are ex AEMs or Handlers, maybe try this route?
  3. The old term SD(AV) usualy had rankers.

    They were Fire Station officers and SURVO's or Survival Training officers. Then there is Air Traffic Control not specifically FAA as many come from the 'real navy' :wink: .

    My abbreviations are from a 20 year old memory of JR's going onward and upward and not necessarily in the cockpit. So you may have to get a translator. :lol:
  4. AV Officers are all ex-AEM, nearly all of whom were CPO/WO before going Officer. They fulfill jobs such as Flight Deck Officer etc on the Carriers and OCEAN, and I presume they have shore drafts as well.

    Doing the UY(AE) scheme would mean you became an Engineer Officer - despite the name, your eventual specialisation would be at the needs of the service. I did my UCE Degree at Southampton alongside the UoP's predecessor.

    Don't forget though, having your papers raised does not limit you to the FAA. I know an ex-CPOMEA who is a 2 1/2 Warfare Officer, and an ex-WO(M) who is an E(TM); you should fight for the chance to experience every bit of the RN, especially because I doubt you have had little exposure to the the "proper" workings of a Surface Ship or Submarine. If you want to get cold and wet, then the opportunity to join the RM as an Officer also exists (note, that you can also go and sit the Army Officer Selection Board if you so wish. Don't let your Careers Officer fob you off on this one, it does take a bit of effort, but perfectly do-able.).

    If you want to chat more, feel free to PM me,

  5. 2_deck_dash- what are AVSOs and what roles do they fulfill?

    I have thought about the Surface fleet and am looking at LO, however I do like the mentality of the FAA compared to people I know in the 'general' navy I play rugby at a high standard so have met a lot of people in my short time in the mob, having said that I have only met ratings, and most of those are ABs who don't seem to care about their jobs so maybe Im being a bit presumptuous.
  6. Aviation Support Officers.
  7. What roles do AVSO's fulfill?
  8. Co-ordination of aviation facilities and flight deck operations.

    Like alfred_the_great says, don't necessarily limit your options to FAA. I didn't.
  9. No, they are not.

    There are a number of ex Handlers, Ac's and Aircrewmen who are AV officers.

    You are, there are as many AETs who are gash hands who couldn't give a toss as there are 'general Navy'. There are good and bad in both. How about Int?
  10. You learn a new thing every day.
  11. A PO(AH) I know went to be an AVO & has just retired as a Commander.

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