other half??!!

so its got me thinking about how we meet our future wives/husbands....
I'd love to say my meeting was dead romantic but I'd be lying,
having known him for several months i blew taboo and went out of branch!!
uh oh!!


Met my missus at a Whaley Club dance. They said it wouldn't last. Well, 42 years later we are still going strong!!

Semper Streuissima.


War Hero
Met mine as a 16 yr old at a housewarming party, tho' we had known each other in earlier childhood, (we used the same shelter during the blitz). Celebrated our 50th anniversary last year.



Lantern Swinger
Senior Rates mess Gibraltar 1979,first words I said to him "Would you like a drink" he thought"A Jenny who buys the wets can't be all bad" married in 1981 he CTB 7 Feb 2005,had lots of happy years together and have some beautiful memories.


War Hero
I stalked her.

I had known her at school and never gave her a second thought.

A few years later i was waiting for a bus home from work and saw a tasty piece walking towards me. Didnt realise it was her at first. I wasnt sure where she lived but i knew where she caught her bus to work and the road she walked down to get there. So one morning, not knowing what time her bus was, i walked up and down that road for half an hour before she finally tuned up. That night i bought her a jacket spud at the local take away.

She made me wait until the day after my 18th birthday before we made it official though. Some people will do anything to get out of buying you a present.

We have two cracking bairns and get wed in August this year.


Lantern Swinger
During Gulf War 1991, we received sackfuls of mailies from people, (mainly women) wishing us well.

Being in Defence Watches with a bit of time on our hands, I got the Catering and DHP team to reply to as many as possible, to see what replies we could get. Obviously aiming for photos or parcels.

In the spirit of competition I joined in, amazing what you can get on a bluey if you print them on a WP.

Anyway to cut a very long story short we covered the catering office in photos, had lots of ggody parcels, (did not have to buy dhobey gear and smellies for rest of trip :) )

I carried on writing to one woman and when ship came back to UK we visited Liverpool and she came onboard to see me, we have now been tied up for 11 years and have an 11 year old son, who's a real chip off the old block, (poor Sod)