I know this may sound like a stupid thread to start but I thought it may be interesting to see your views.

Every one knows that when an OST/DOST/BOST is due, a lot of 'accidents' happen in the space of a short time and fellow ships companies tend to find a nice life on shore.

I also have seen a few people flip out during OST's, going mad because they couldn't handle the pressure.

Do you think there should be some kind of 'mental state' medical put in place for members onboard before the good old flag staff approach?

Or would this be a stupid thing to put into place?
I think that would be open to all sorts of abuse really Jenny. Lets face it, you will always get the 'salt water activated back' arise whenever OST is mentioned.
The main problem is that there are always certain people who will take advantage of any situation to suit themselves. Almost a bit like the 'give a inch and take a mile' syndrome.

I really despise malingerers big time and those that always have an excuse not to help out. The Navy has always drummed into all and sundry that teamwork actually works and it does, until one little arse wipe ducks out of doing his/her bit.

Why am I so angry today. Gggrrrrrrrrrr.

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