Discussion in 'The Corps' started by Scottish_Kiwi, Apr 11, 2007.

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  1. Just wanting to hear from anyone with experience of Osprey and Kestrel armour. How heavy was it, was it comfortable, how did it work with Webbing etc.

    Also any information on the other kit being issued to the units for Herrick would be appreciated.


  2. Nobody got any experience of this stuff??

  3. You sound like one of those journalist types to me K. What’s with the interest?
  4. I am going to ghanners, and just wanted to hear what people outside my unit thought of it.

  5. I thought the Royal Marines were coming home from Afghanistan. How long is your tour Scottish Kiwi?
  6. Got me twitching, there are a couple nesting near me!!!
  7. I wore the Osprey during my tour in Iraq. When I did my pre tour OPTAG training I felt like I was going to die from the weight of the standard CBA (very small plates) but this felt like wearing a waistcoat when compared to the Osprey with it's full sized plate and fittings. The thing is that after a week or so of wearing it, I hardly noticed the additional weight. Like everything else you get used to it and there were times when I was glad of the extra protection.

  8. Don't go out till Sept.
    Cheers for the response SF, will hopefully get it before i start the beat up package so i can get wear it throughout. Did you attach everything, Magazine pouches etc straight onto it? or were you wearing an assault vest or webbing over the top?

  9. i just found these pouches to fit on the Osprey, dont know what they will be like but worth looking in to.


  10. I seen a Body Armour vest, Olive Green but had Nylon DPM Pouches and a Rank slide, Are these issued to AFV crews etc?

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