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I was ships company at Osprey in the 80s , and lived in one of the pub's just outside the main gate because there was a shortage of accom in the Senior Rates mess , can't remember the name of the pub just now , I agree with you about the oiks Graybags , right tossers :twisted: :roll: :twisted:
Just outside the main gate on the corner was The Breakwater pub. Stayed there in 85 for one week while I was at Osprey doing A/C surveys with MARTSU. If I remember rightly it was a bit of a sh**hole.


Just outside the main gate on the corner was The Breakwater pub. Stayed there in 85 for one week while I was at Osprey doing A/C surveys with MARTSU. If I remember rightly it was a bit of a sh**hole.
Names just came to me , The Green Shutters it was


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I seem to recall going in the Green Shutters, but we never used to get very far after that. Usually we would end up in the Greasy Spoon after, the Owner had an uncanny knack of remembering faces, " You were on HMS 198..." Spooky, he had this evil Sauce "sambal oelek" made from chillies...
Oh and we used to use the Black Dog in Weymouth quite a bit too...


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When I was with FSU01 in 1980 we were kicked out of the JR's accommodation due to constant scrapping with the WAFUs in the Flying Fid club. We ended up being accommodated in the Sally Army building opposite the Breakwater pub. Later became Aggie Westons I believe?

Was a good deal for us in the end as it was not so far to walk to and from work (Unit was based at coaling jetty) and also easier to stagger back after a few ales and also did not have to run the gauntlet of the MOD Plod to get back to my pit. Winners all round really.

Osprey was a dump from what I can remember of it.

Used to love the pubs just outside the gate and also wandering into Weymouth for a cracking night out, especially during the summer months when it was full of holidaying females. :)


Had a couple of drafts to Portland as an AH. The Fire Station and Ground Movements Section (Tractors) were crackin'. Lived in digs in Weymouth so it was like being a civvie. We usually only passed through the dockyard to Stores,Victualing,Galley,DISTEX site or to work at FDTU.

Had the odd pint at the 'Shutters and in the two pubs and the 'sticky carpet' upstairs in Victoria Square.

The favourite clubs in 70's & 80's were the Harbour Club and the Steering Wheel in Weymouth. As for pubs, the Black Dog and Golden Lion were the best for socialising. There were two private members clubs one in town and the other on the way out, can't remember the names. Can anyone enlighten me?

As I recall there was the Pickwick Club, only managed to find it when p*ssed, and other names/places I recall were Nenos,later called the cats whiskers, legends,Malibu, Verdi's, Baxters, Some may be the same place with different names. Not that I spent any time in any of them!! :wink:


Anyone remember "Jumpin' Jimmy Thunder"?

I was in Osprey in 86 and we used to regularly see him "performing" ha ha.

We even took him down to the Radio 1 Road Show on the beach :D


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jumpin jimmy on a sunday night. you cannot beat it. i was in and out of portland in the mid to late 80s then based there most of the 90s till it closed and i loved it there, we never went home on summer leave why would you want to with all that fanny in weymouth


The Greasy Spoon,ah what memories.
Always wondered what the Sambal Oelek was, until i came across some in tescos recently.
Dip your snorker in it to be reminded of the greasy spoon,the thursday war and the Green Shutters.


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I think I've posted this before, but can't find it, the accommodation blocks by the old RNAS are now being converted into luxury flats, with another floor being added to the existing blocks. There will also be additional blocks built on site. Some are rumoured to be priced in the £350.000.00.
They are also talking about a new marina in that area


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Who remembers the old choggie wagon that used to pitch up after the Flying Fish Bop Night.
Salmonella on a tin...lurvely


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Chicken flied lice was ALWAYS burnt but it beat a pie outa the automat after a night in the shite hawk.
Anybody remember that trog up and down the hill about five or six times a day during the working week. It got so I could run it after a while and not even be out of breath......I would still reek of garlic though. I found a little Indian takaway that did fantastic garlic naan bread, I loved he stuff.
The ops room girls and the planning office in FOST wondered why I did such things..........because it pissed people off me dears, pure and simple! :evil3:


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chockhead819 said:
What happened to the Married Patch on Portland Island & the Kimberlin Club?

You are referring to Little Beirut now Ginge. Only venture into druggie land in daylight never at night. The Kimberlin still exists but in what form I have no idea, not brave enough to venture there in the dark to find out. The old playground houses new homes, passed to the destitute homeless drug abusers to make their pathetic lives more bearable. (In the meantime, wage earners struggle).

If anyone remembers the HF masts at the Bill, they went a few years ago. Southwell ARE(S), is a business park with a 4 star hotel, The Portland Spa.

Duty rumour about the converted O's mess and SR's mess's. The O's mess may now be coming down as there are no takers for the £350,000, 1 bed flats!!!! Sr's mess conversions still not completed.

RNAS Portland's admin block is to be converted into a hotel, the 'tower' is to remain as a viewing point.

Loads of speculation about the old RNAS site.
A changed place indeed! Was at Portland in October last year for the 'Undaunted' reunion . Undaunted was Cap't D of the Portland Training Squadron. Was Last at Osprey in the early 70's and must confess, when I took a drive down there for old times sake last October I barely recognized the place. A few good runs were had with more than one trip to the Greasy spoon in years gone by. Things change but the change is pretty radical. Way things re going the RN will be renting moorings as their will be no bases left! :roll:...that's on the basis they still have any ships left to moor!!!