Osborne gets tough!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Oct 17, 2010.

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  1. BBC News:

    The government has set out a series of measures to tackle benefit fraud, as ministers spend the weekend finalising spending cuts.

    The steps would mean anyone with three convictions could forfeit their rights to benefits for up to three years.

    Chancellor George Osborne said welfare fraudsters were robbing taxpayers of billions of pounds a year, adding it was time to get "very, very tough".

    This government are having a laugh at the taxpayers expense if they think this is getting tough, 3 convictions and we might stop your benefit payments. For Gods sake is any government of ours capable of sorting out these career parasites once and for all? :twisted: :twisted:
  2. The problem is that benefit fraudsters aren't career-dodgers; the fraud is that they are claiming unemployment benefits even when they have a job. A term in one of HM Prisons will only make their situation worse, because they'll be living on Government support whilst they're 'inside' and they'll be unemployed on release, so they'll be straight into the dole office.

    At present when benefit fraudsters are identified and convicted, they are obliged to repay the money they claimed, but there isn't any measure to prevent the offender making a new claim because his/her circumstances have changed and they are 'genuinely' out of work.

    Osbourne is effectively threatening the 'safety net' of the benefits system for the convicted fraudster, which is a tough stance relative to the actions of the previous Government. In one sense I don't really think its tough enough, and I would argue for two convictions to warrant forfeit of any rights for benefits for five years.

    Unfortunately people are going to try and 'chance their luck', and on getting burned, most would think twice about a second attempt.
  3. Nah sorry. As Fink says the Government is paying lip service to the problem, probably trying to put a "feel good" to the thousands they are about to push into unemployment, or firing a warning shot in case the "newbies" take it in mind to do a little fiddling.
    Until they face the problem head on, say one strike your out, it will continue like a video game with three lives.

    The coalition is playing on all fronts and its not working, jack of all trades maybe, but master of none definitely. And if they cancel the carriers or down size the Armed Forces come the 20Th, most of this site will be dyed in the wool reds by Christmas. :twisted: :wink: :roll:

  4. This governments plan is to get benefit claimants back into work however they will be putting thousands in the public sector out of work, the mind boggles. From what I have witnessed over the last 30 or so years I would not employ a politician of any colour to run the tuck shop at Eton.
  5. I would seriously question your use of the term government.
    It seems to be a shambles feeding off itself, appeasement being the key word in all areas. Each faction not wishing to upset the other, not wanting the gravy train to run out. Both knowing that they dare not go to the country now as with their intentions fully known they would not stand a snowball in hells chance of winning. And with Labour in such disarray and still smarting from the circumstances thrust upon them by dear Gordon, what chance democracy. We'd probably end up with the BNP by default.
  6. Aye, I hear all this verbal diarrhoea from the condemns that new jobs will be created by the private sector, this is very questionable when those f.....ing bankers are refusing to lend small businesses money but the bastards are still setting aside billions to pay themselves disgustingly large bonuses. :twisted:
  7. You see Fink I knew after the foreplay was out the way we could "come together" :roll: :wink:
  8. Aye Rumrat, peace in our time. :)
  9. Rumrat - I'm not sure if we'll all become Reds if SDSR massacres the Forces. We are in this situation because of the Reds spending money that we didn't have - these cuts need to be made. It's crap, but that's the way it is. I don't blame the Tories or Lib Dems for this - the blame lies with Labour for, once again, proving that it cannot manage finances.
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I don't see how encouraging banks to make dodgy loans is good either for them or the suckers forced into bankruptcy when they have to default.
  11. I'm not advocating "storming the barricades" but I would be very very surprised if the Tory/Lib pact will hold as you cannot please all of these people all of the time.
    I appreciate how the mess was caused, but that is my point. Left without legislation in place and the Government taking control back from the B of E
    it can happen all over again. What legislation have they implemented to prevent it. Its a bit like saying that we know how the horse bolted but still are not locking the stable door.
    My other and main point is creating unemployment??? You seriously think that is the way forward? Who pays the benefit? This country will never prosper any more as its frightened of offending the world.
    The far east subsidised its manufacturers until such time as the product they produced commanded a monopoly in the market by undercutting the competition into extinction, and if you were as old as I, which I know you not to be, you would know I speak the truth.
    Would this country do it with a pool of cheap labour? Er no its not cricket old boy. Time to wake up smell the coffee and realise we can no longer afford to be benevolent to the world, especially a world that definitely does not reciprocate. Its dog eat dog, we are not the worlds policeman. We should at this time be insulating our borders not indulging the world with our money and lives, whilst they sit back and probably think how stupid we are, and how lucky they are that we do it for them.
    Cutting benefits to "genuine people" in this country, and creating hardship is not getting my vote, no not when they give millions to countries that funnily enough can always seem to sustain a large well equipped army and even hold nuclear weapons.
    I have beat on about my mate, but soon it will be everyone's mate,
    Tell me when the market is absolutely flooded with throwaway housing due to repossession, or unaffordability because no first time buyers other than the rich can afford a 10% deposit, will you ever be able to sell and move?
    If you live in Pompey and have a house, need to sell and relocate, what will you do? Don't think these repossessions are all going to be small hovels snatched from the uppity council tenant who had the audacity to seek improvement and failed. There are literally hundreds of houses in my area of all price levels but more so the upper echelon where the mortgage is beyond any raising 10% deposit, and also people who have lost money and need to downsize for economy.
    I tell you comrade the axe can fall anywhere and you ain't guaranteed to have an armoured neck. :wink:


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