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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by higthepig, Apr 22, 2006.

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  1. Im sure that many of you out there will have memories of foreign ports and hosting parties for children,orphans etc, although it was advantageous to be on a carrier because of the room,there must be tales of what children do or say, though idont have particular memories of them,i did love to see the look in a small childs eyes,when you told him that if he didnt behave ,id slit his effin throat, i take it that they, the andrew, still do that abroad,no not the throat slitting. so any tales?
  2. And to think that even telling children that you might smack them is now looked down on them. Is it any wonder that the crime rate and child support is so high.

    With you in charge all this would go away.
  3. I remember giving sand children in Kuwait jollies in the RIB, they probably used that experience to plan suicide boat attacks on US warships.......
    Should have got out the burlap sack instead of jelly, ice cream and mickey ducks.
  4. Just ask father famine and the belsen boys they were involved in them all, sure they could tell a tale or two, all I can say was the look in there eyes said it all !!!
  5. I remember doing the standard dressing up as pirates for the kids in various places. It's amazing what you can do with a chefs t-shirt, an oily rag and some black maskers!

    Did it in Sevremorsk and had to first explain the concept of charity to the local officials.
  6. Hi,

    Did one on the Bulldog in the 70's, anchored off Ramsgate, half crew go ashore, kids come on board.

    Weather gets up and the ship had to be moved to Margate, cookie boy has to man the fo'cstle with a sailor, (raising and letting go the anchor for the use of)

    Kids throwing up everywhere, (except galley, prudently secured), Bulldog sails around with minimum crew, most dressed as pirates. Lads ashore rounded up by the local plod and put up overnight in the nick, kids got taken off by lifeboat.

    Also done them on Gloucester and the Manch, Good Ideas club say, Chief caterer we're planning a kids party can you organise it, get some volunteers and a programme.

    Yes Sir, says I, (thinks F*ck, sh1t, b*stard ) of course , how many of little darlings


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