Original Mountain Marathon - 29/30 October 2011

Bad CO

We've just had this in by email:

We are getting near to the close date for entries for the OMM (27th July) and we still have places for military teams. Can you give us a hand and publicise that there are places available and for people to get in touch.


The link for the registration is as follows:

Event Series - The OMM

Here is the background for the military entries and the special award.

Military Competitors

Every year we are honoured to receive entries from serving members of the UK military. In recognition of our armed services we are initiating an award for best military team called The Hutton Trophy. This year, the award will be focused on the Long Score as it emphasizes the qualities of the British Armed Forces of self reliance, fitness, navigation and decision making. This award has been presented to OMM by the family of Marine Jamie Hutton who was tragically killed in a training accident. Jamie and his father, Jim, also a serving Royal Marine, were the highest placed family team in their category in the Brecon Beacons 2004. Jim continues to compete as part of the OMM community.
Now I've never had the pleasure of giving this a go but I've always heard it spoken of in awed terms!