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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Lingyai, Apr 25, 2006.

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  1. Defence Secretary John Reid has said Prince Harry should be treated "like any other member of the British armed forces" when he finishes his military training.
    Bravo, of course he should be treated like any normal member of the armed forces, but what are the chances of that? My only (brief) experience of royals in the forces was andy pandy and the redhead he once married. He was far from normal and in no way treated as such, and she??? She was an absolute wnaker.
    I think the only one treated normaly was eddie when he got binned by the royals, at least they don't appear to have double standards.
    Anyone else got experience or dits about serving royals?
    BTW I love HM, it is just her kids who need a goos scudding. :wink:
  2. Wonder how the army will handle the Royal Escort coppers that follow him around. And can you imagine it outside the Horse Guards with him on a horse and 15 plods trying to look like tourists
  3. Still I am glad he followed his Dad's footsteps into the army, obviously didn't have enough quals for the navy...
  4. A controversial but fair point
  5. I remember being on security at a dorset air station before PA got married. Rhere was a film of his "working" life being filmed before he got married. Me and me oppo were having lunch in the aircrew refreshment bar, when a pilot walked in came over to us and asked if he could sit as he didnt want to sit with a certain wnaker. of course we aggreed. When they came in the officer was moved to wit with said wnaker (he was not a happy bunny). When they filmed they panned round the room and caught us on film, but low and behold when it was shown the 2 oiks were missing (we never made it off the cutting room floor.
    Prior to him joining he was at Gordonstoun, I was at Elgin College and played rugby for them. One day we had a game against Gordonstoun, their captain came over and asked us to make life "entertaining" for a certain member of their team. No prizes for guessing who that was
  6. Worked with a bloke once who was on a ship that PA was on when his ginger trout came for a visit. She proceded to drip about the lack of cleanliness in the flats and the OOD had the duty watch scrubbing out??
    What a jumped up minger.
    I suppose they might be sending little mr harry away to keep him away from the drugs and the wild life, I am sure the army was not his choosing. BTW what ever happened to dizzy edward, is he still alive?
  7. Harry says he wants to do frontline service... i admire his bravery, but i think it'd be a bad move.. imagine how much of a target he'd be for terroists.. and what they'd do if he was captured..

    Also endangers everyone under his command... more than normal!
  8. Firstly, theres been no suggestion outside the media that he is'nt going to be treated and deployed in the same way as any other officer. Say what you like about the Royals, his family have all served, and his Uncle and Grandfather have both done the business on Ops. If he is'nt allowed to go, then much of the credibility that the Princes have managed to engender will be lost. If the army refuses to deploy him to Iraq/Afghanistan, it suggests that the force protection measures in place are in some way inadequate(probably not a suitable topic for discussion on this forum).

    Anyway, Harry is'nt even the heir to the throne at the moment!

    Clanky (Realist Royalist?)
  9. Your right... not realy a suitable topic...
    Anyway... I'm gonna cook pasta and bacon, mmmmm :D
  10. Surely Andy Pandy wasn't the first or the last ******** to join the mob.

    And whatever else you may say, he did go to the Falklands...
  11. There was prick on 'Yorkshire Diver.com' called andy pandy... he was a ******, we talking about same person?
  12. That's dangerously close to a Journo question Lingyai...

    Besides which, it's also skirting on the edges of being sudicious, being as most members of this board are in the Royal Navy or Royal Marines.

    Aside from that, I heard the LHM Designate was pretty damn good (bar a command that maybe came too early), and that Andy mellowed a lot later in his career - although anyone who did Koo Stark is alright in my books!!
  13. Journo? Is that some cool geeky chat room language?
    Anyway, I was Royal for many years, but a little criticism doesn't hurt. Anyway, harry isn't a real royal anyway, B*stard sprog of a nutty bird and her pongo lover.
    Great dit that one, better than eastenders :twisted:
  14. No, just shorthand for Journalist - picked up from ARRSE where journalists routinely go fishing for stories with questions just like yours.

    Realised that you didn't fit the profile (ie new joiner etc) so didn't accuse you of being one!
  15. Cool, I am not clever enough to be a journalist, they need to read and write......
  16. Absolutely! Imagine the PR for Al-Qaeda if Harry was kidnapped!! Nah! he's a VIP remember, the Royal Family will request a huge security presence, basically if Harry was to go to Iraq, he'd be kept in the Green Zone all the time because he'd be a huge target for insurgents. Unfortunately for him there are limitations to what a Royal can and can't do, this being one of them... and most importantly, he would be risking the lives of those under his command!

    I admire his enthusiasm though.
  17. These boys have inherited their mother's common touch, but they are 2nd and 3rd in line to the throne and cannot be risked in a hot operational environment. If they were lost it'd mean that eejit golfer would be back in with a shout!

    Of course, if UK plc were to subscribe to equality (sorry, Lingyai!!) Princess Anne would be next in line after Chuck, which would be a much better bet, given her Mum's track record!
  18. What has her Mum done wrong?
  19. I think really we worry too much about security for both royalty and polititians, if they are in the army theyy go where the army goes. If we lose the odd one here and there that is life, there are plenty more.

  20. As mentioned before, Andy wewnt to the Falklands (and he was in the biggest target possible for the Argies) when he was still second in line. They would probaby be a target, I agree, but I don't think they'd live it down if they didn't gp (if William goes AAC as rumoured it'll be some time before he comes out of training anyway).

    At least our royals, aristoracy etc have traditionally done their bit - in the US it's very different I understand.

    Why? Charles was 1st born, his first born then succeeds. Even if we did have 'equality', it would still be the same.

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