Orchadian Real Ale might be banned... for promoting violence

Re: Orchadian Real Ale might be banned... for promoting viol

Obviously the humourless buggers have never suffered a beer induced splitting headache!

Does that mean that we can't refer to Brain's SA as "skull attack" anymore?
Re: Orchadian Real Ale might be banned... for promoting viol


Talk about missing the f-ing point! Skull splitter is what it does to the imbiber, not his victims at the chippy... So on that basis I can imagine they will want to rename Guinness to "black horrible smelling farts inducing drink" and Budweiser to "piss weak acidic fizzy pop".

And Thingy, I know you're a bit of a dipsomaniac, but what is modest about 8.5% ABV beer? 8 pints of that and Id be trouserless in some street singing songs Ive never even heard of sober.....

For other fans of cerebral haemorrhage and waking up on park benches, the trampjuice website is back

Ships Cat, as a spirits man... well perhaps not a man.... o_O beer appears almost alcohol free by comparison. :biggrin:

Looks like the House of Commons will have to sell the Mace and place a bunch of thornless, scentless, multicoloured, pollen-free roses on the table, as the Mace is a Skull Splitting weapon of war.


Lantern Swinger
Re: Orchadian Real Ale might be banned... for promoting viol

As I have drank many Ales - including this one I feel more than qualified to comment.

I spent 3 nights in Kirkwall working with the RNXS (Good Crew BTW) On the wednesday night I went to the local Grab a Granny Bop in the Town where a Nurse introduced me to this Ale. Now I cant remember much other than waking up at 0400 on a public bench with the contents of my stomach dripping down the front of my jacket. :pukel: So does it promote violence? - Not if you drink it!
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