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Discussion in 'Bloody Computers' started by golden_rivet, Dec 15, 2007.

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  1. Hi

    just wondered if anyone had any tips on wriggling out of my contract.
    Speed suddenly decreased 50% on my broadband connection

    Ring Orange, line tests etc

    Thex text me a few days later to ring them for the answer

    Call orange - same questions asked ... no answer

    Call customer services to ask for my MAC no. as am thinking of changing to Tiscali

    There will be a charge of about £200 if I use my MAC code. The said they can't up my speed the system won't authorise it as it wouldn't be reliable.

    Don't know if it affects the process the fact that I don't pay by DIrect Debit and at the moment am in arrears (accidentally) due to cc expiring and getting a new one hence the payment hasn't gone through.

    any advice appreciated ... :whew:
  2. How long have you got to run on the base contract? What's the contract assured speed and what rates are you getting at the moment?
  3. GR most broadband operators now "throttle" connections during peak hours. None will tell you that is the case. My point being is it worth jumping out of the frying pan into the fire?
  4. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  5. also to an extent there is contention ratio, if the number of users on the service delivery point at the local exchange has jumped then performance will take a dive. Most operators assure a 50:1 ratio on the SDP.
  6. thanks guys - SPB did the speed test back when they originally suggested I do it - can't just remember the results. Re the speed though what I am unhappy about it that my speed dropped from 2.2 to 1.1 mg and they can't give me a meaningful reason. The contract is of course weasel) they only say 'up to' 2 mg on the contract so as far as they are concerned they haven't breached any contract. Has anyone ever pursued this through legal means - quite honestly I hate bullying so much (the last little shite I spoke to had a very nasty tone) so I'm prepared to pay just to get rid of them. Not that I'm super rich or anything but hey I have no one to buy Xmas presents for and don't drink much (even less since no one wanted to go on the 2 RR Xmas runs with me) so I can afford it.

    thanks lads anyway
  7. :)

    I was in the Red Lion on whitehall last night ;)

  8. are you trying to upset me now??? I went home after work and cried. Can you imagine the shame of it? Even getting stood up by AAC!!! It has destroyed my faith in human nature. OOPS massive thread drift smacks my own hand)

  9. GR,

    If you have been with Orange for more than 12 months, call for your MAC Code. By law, they cannot withhold it.

    I would be wary of going to Tiscali. Have had lots of customers recently unable to do anything except connect to Broadband. This is due to DNS settings at the suppliers end.

    Dont expect anymore speed from another supplier though.
  10. LOL what else would they do ??? Run the Christmas lights ... sorry - probably being thick about this :rendeer:
  11. Dohhhhh make phone calls? FFS
  12. Should have made it clearer. They can connect to broadband but not surf the net or send/receive e-mails. So running the Christmas lights is the only possibility
  13. I have been with BT basic broadband for five years problems ever , for the past year have had speed upped to 8 meg and never receive anything less than 6.5 meg.
  14. GR,
    I was with Orange, I had a wireless router and got broadband free with my phone contract. I was then offered an upgrade as there website stated that I could get a better speed. I upgraded and within a couple of weeks did a speed test and found I was not getting what they said I would get. After many frustrating calls to none English speaking operators and on one occasion I requested to be put through to the supervisor and they hung up on me, I told them to shove it. Luckily I was paying by DD and just cancelled it and have not heard anything off them since. I found their wireless very unreliable and since being with talktalk I have not looked back.
  15. GR If you have sykpe take it Off line when you want the speed. You may not know but when you get skype you authorise them (skype) to use up to 25% of YOUR BANDWIDTH.

    Orange MUST by LAW give you your MAC. Tell them you will contact your lawyers, be very forceful, they will give it to you.

    The devil is always in the detail, and far be it from me to say that at our age we should READ the small print, seems a bit obvious. If it sounds TOO good then it is a lie.

    Antway drop Skype, Drop all the short cuts and run as few prgrams as possible.

    use every time you think your bandwidth is slowing down. That site has a REPORT your ISP. Your ISP will hate getting a bad record, and may do something.

    Broardband providers only rent bandwidth from BT, and then sell it to you. Thus you will not be able to complain to BT.

    They have you by the sort and curlies (I would have said balls but I know that would not apply)

  16. Shocking!

    I should be getting 20meg :(


  17. That's interesting. For some time now, Tiscali have been claiming that my low baud rate was because my BT line couldn't support the their Broadband. BT always argued that it could if that baud rate was actually demanded of it. Complete circular argument.

    Tiscali are now giving me 50% of that advertised as opposed to the earlier 30%. I've also found that some URLs give painfully slow rates at busy times that Tiscali clearly can't be guilty of.
  18. GR .. have you had a browse of

    From reading similar posts to yours on the site, it looks like you may have been "upgraded" by Orange installing their own kit in your exchange instead of using the original BT equipment. This is known as local loop unbundling (LLU) it is normally done so an ISP doesn't have to pay as much to BT. (To check if you have been LLU'd ring BT and ask them).

    As for getting out of your contract, that is a separate issue to them giving you a MAC code. They have to give you a MAC code within five days, however this will not stop you you owing them money if you are contractually obliged.
  19. Translation: Tiscali are reselling a package they have bought off BT, their package will only allow them a low speed and hence this is what you get. BT of course is more than happy to sell them a higher speed wholesale package, but it will cost Tiscali more money.

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