Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by robbo9, Apr 9, 2006.

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  1. alrite...

    just to let you lot know..i am asking questiosn about om and vier..becasue i want to know the options avaiable to me.

    i have one further questions though...a seaman specalist?
    i heard they just do knots? but the site says different?

    i want to know the no bull shit answer..what do they do? and whay is it a 10 month trianing course?

    cheers for any advice
  2. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    The course is that long because fcukwits like you are unable to spell.....

    A tip....

    Get an education and a dictionary
  3. LOL Seaman specialists "just do knots" (don't tell the Buffer that!). It's like "Communicators just wave flags", Engineers "just stoke the boilers", Electricians "just mend plugs", the CO "steers the ship"......
  4. Get a Thesaurus as well. OOPS, wheres me dictionary when I need it.
  5. But to try and answer seriously, my mate whos joinning up as one said that they:-
    A- Pilot the ribs
    B- Fire the smaller guns
    C- Do knots
    D- Co-ordinate OR do all unusual evolutions (right word?) by themselves. For example, getting the stuff ready for RAS, preparing to tow other ships etc etc.
    E- Help out in the stores compartments
    F- Chip and paint

    And thats all I can remember at the moment from what he told me...
    And hey, all that could be completely wrong.
  6. cheers guys...oh and matelot...i may not be able to spell on the computer...but i dont have an education? try having 11 GCSES's c- a*, and 4 a-levels and other professional quals. try again.
  7. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    What, am I supposed to be impressed with those qualifications? Try and aim a bit higher in life. You are a dullard who wants to be in every branch in the navy-om, seaman spec etc. Make your mind up.....

    I won't tolerate fcukwits on this board....
  8. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Well I've got a BA in languages, an MA in law, 6 various A levels 9 various O levels, an NVQ in Hospital Theatre Work, and several other minor qualifications.
  9. If you won't tolerate fcukwits, then Specs and aspiring specs should no longer be seen. Oh, and divers, cementheads and branch failing ratcatchers and club swingers..........
  10. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    PS I told lies, somewhere among my many possessions I have a copy of my ET1.
    Still managed to make my way in life.
    Robbo, grow up mate, make up your mind what you want and go for it, boasting (whether its true or not) will get you no where, especially in the Services. Now Bullshit is another matter
  11. im not boasting, just to say i dont have an education is an insult...so i had to say something...and i am trying to make my mind up. but i want to know the options open to me. whats wrong with that?
  12. Qualifications eh............I've got a spirit level in woodwork !!
  13. I have a degree in photography, yet I am [email protected] at using a camera 8O go figure!
  14. The fact that you claim to be educated, yet still can't express yourself in writing makes you seem even more of a numnuts.

    IRT your original question, the Seaman Spec branch is about to become direct entry, and take on some of the gunnery/tactical comms role. Consult your local AFCO for the gen.

    Btw, notice how I have used abbreviations\slang in this post without turning it into unreadable gibberish
  15. thanks clanky.. i know why i dont make sense, becasie type to qucikly..sorry if i have annoyed anyone
  16. I suppose once you have been through the royal navy trades,you will start on the others.Quick typing is no excuse for bad spelling,try reading what you have written before you press the submit button,i should know ive got degrees in yiddish and gibberish.
  17. hahahah Fair enough
  18. Robbo you have trawled arrse asking bone questions , you have nearly covered the entire fleet , have a look at e-goat.com .Thats the RAF rumour service ,they might have something for you to do . Are you lonely ??
  19. WHOA!! Guys chill... how about qualifications in seamanship and team working etc etc etc not to mention a first rate degree in boozing and birding.. I am sure you will all agree that these are the essential qualifications for jolly jack

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