options after phase 1???

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by victim-1, Sep 23, 2011.

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  1. Hi all I have recently applied to be an MA and was just wondering hypothetically once I had started phase 2 if I didn't feel happy with my choice of branch what are my options for example in any circumstance at that point would I be able to pick another branch? I have read up as much as I can on the job and feel it is what I want to do but just on that off chance that it's not for me I would like to know what my options are.
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  3. Wot 'e said innit.
  4. Hypothetically, you can branch change with ease. Realistically, what Drakey said (though bear in mind, he is not a senior solicitor and therefore his advice is not to be trusted).
  5. But I do have my name on my office door, so I must be senior to somebody.....
  6. janner

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    W C Drake?
  7. Knock before entering?
  8. And don't forget to wash your hands!
  9. Your prisoner number and initials do not accord you seniority to anyone mate.
  10. Ninja_Stoker

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    The option is to submit notice to quit, if within the first 6 months service, and re-apply from scratch once eligible to re-apply. It's worth being aware that those choosing to quit may not be recommended for further service or may have to wait a considerable period before eligible. Upon re-joining the ability to "opt out" no longer applies.

    The moral to the story is to make sure you select the job you want from the outset rather than be influenced by other factors. The majority manage to choose a job to which they feel most suited.

    When you physically "sign-on", you are signing an affirmation that you are content with your branch of choice and that you are aware that you cannot transfer after joining. Before you physically sign-on, you can chop and change at will - rest assured many do just that.

    Good luck.
  11. What branch woul;d you like to transfer to? A lot depends on manning requirements in the branch you will be leaving and the one you wish to join. Whilst on the Ocean, there were at least 4 Stewards on board who wanted to branch transfer. 2 wanted to be MAs, but werent allowed which would suggest there was more of a requirement for Stewards than MAs at the time
  12. Dippers shippers. Dont worry you will be great at dispensing brufen and plasters.
  13. Ninja_Stoker

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    A transfer to a different branch after completing the Standard Initial Training Period & completing the Return of Service (usually 30 months) is, as you infer, not only governed by manning requirements at the time - vacancies in the chosen branch & a surplus in the current branch. It's also dictated by an adequate recruiting test score for the chosen branch, age, time served, rank, meeting the medical standards applicable for the branch, the individual having the personal qualities required in the branch, Nationality, criminal record (CRB) & a recommend from the divisional reporting officer.

    It's for these reasons that an applicant is required to sign an attestation to the effect they understand a transfer is not possible from the outset. Historical anecdotes of those who may have been able to transfer previously doesn't help when it comes to managing realistic aspirations of those yet to join.

    Has it been done previously? Yes.

    Should an individual join in the assumption it can be done again? No
  14. Like Ninja Stoker says, do not join the Royal Navy assuming that a branch transfer is possible. I have only seen one branch transfer completed at an early stage of a ratings career and that was by exception only. Research the branch you wish to join and if it doesn't sound like the job for you pick another branch or find another employment option.
  15. ******* hell, Ted Hughes has turned up.
  16. So many people join today on the promise of 'oh just sign up now as a dabber or steward and you can branch transfer' it's all about manning clearance and to be honest you wont get it so you should leave prior to your end of PVR date. Or even better if you've not walked through the gate at Raleigh get down the AFCOS and change your application.

    Change when your in is almost impossible currently.
  17. victim-1,

    Spot the horseh1t.

    Our resident AFCO contributor, with almost 9,000 posts to his credit, has replied:

    Whilst today’s latest RR contributor, with 9 erudite posts already, offers:


  18. Cheers Bob!

    Thanks for the count, didn't think there would be so many topics that grind my gears!!
  19. How did they sell MA to you then?

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