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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by snapdragon, May 16, 2007.

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  1. I wasn't going to ask this because I know what it'll sound like!

    Will I be able to take a few extra things to Raleigh, space permitting?

    This is going to sound really terrible and I know what I'd say if someone else asked the question... My friend who joined the RAF today took this item and she's not taking it for the same reason I wouldn't mind taking it!

    Will I be able to take hair straighteners? Ok, before you hit reply! I don't intend to be styling my hair at all, I don't even do that at home, I certainly wouldn't have time to do that at Raleigh even if I wanted to. I'm not the kind of girl to even bother with my hair. But I run it through my hair once a week for about 5 minutes just to make sure it's tidy when tied back. At HMS Caledonia I was surprised I wasn't pulled up for looking like a total scruff, my hair was everywhere all the time. And that is all I'm concerned about, really. If I can't take them, that's fine. Not bothered. But if I could them them, I think it'd make things easier for me to look tidy. I have really thick, unruly hair. I don't want to look scruffy, I don't want to stand out.

    It says in the kit list you can take prescribed medication. My recruiting officer says anything you need prescribing will be done my the medical types at Raleigh. Can I really take prescribed stuff? I don't have much, just the pill (long story, not for contraception!) and a few antihistamines.
    My GP normally checks me over before giving me another pack of the pill. I'm not sure he'll give me another prescription when I'm only just into a fresh pack.
    Should I try to get enough prescribed to be able to take enough of the pill to last the duration of basic? What about Phase 2? I won't be able to see a civvie doctor over the weekend between Raleigh and Sultan.

    Is it ok to take things like a Vanish bar and bottle of starch? I've packed them anyway.

    At HMS Caledonia they gave us white PT t-shirts which we could keep. They said they'd be good for Raleigh. True? There are two of them.

    I don't have my P45 or this years' P60. I've asked my old workplace over again but I know I'm talking to a brick wall. All I have is last years' P60. Should I take that?

    I'm pretty much packed now. I know they seem like daft things and, with the exception of the tax details and tablets, I'm not bothered if I can't take the things. It just seems like they could make certain aspects of basic easier so I can crack on with everything else.
  2. Right hun,

    You probably can take your hair straighteners but it's finding somewhere to keep em in raleigh. All our non matelot stuff was locked away for the time of basic until we got our week 6 shore leave, tho i'm not sure how it works now.

    As for your pill, being a "Ladyeee" on your trip to sick bay in week one for your jabs, you will see a doc first where they check on all that and can and will give you your pill, so take some with you and they will top it up for you. You can just go back when you need more!
    I wouldn't worry what it was for either, they were handing out condoms like sweets when i was there! (so much for no touching lol)
    Also the anithistamines are the same, if you need them they will prescribe them for you.

    And you won't need to see a civvie GP from when you join up till when you hang up the rig in however many years that is, your doc is on the base now hun.

    If you've anymore questions, pm me, i'm happy to help.

  3. Hair straighteners, yes, but they will need electrical tested before you can use them. I'd imagine that'll be arranged as a matter of course anyway as it's the same for mobile phone chargers, MP3 chargers etc.

    If you have prescription medication then take it, the med centre will prescribe and dispense anything required throughout training.

    My ex used to get her pill in three month prescriptions, generally only with a checkup every six months or so. Unless there is a good reason for the more regular checkups, and the Doc has no issue with a three month supply then it's worth taking. Kind of depends what variety of pill you use, the med centre may not carry a range. Again my ex used to use one that wasn't commonly prescribed as the primary use wasn't contraceptive.
  4. ooh, missed a bit!

    Vanish bar, great idea. used it by the ton.
    Starch - don't bother. turns white shirts yellow when you use it frequently on them and it's no good on your 4's! The shirts aren't that difficult to iron honest!

    As for your tax paperwork, i don't think you'll need a P60. P45 is a definate, but if you can't get it off your ex employer, let them know when your doing your paperwork session. there is another form called P46 you can fill in instead.

    and leave the PT shirts behind. you'll get new ones when you turn up. you'll have rig by the ton!

  5. Knew you'd get help on this one Snaps from someone in the know..couldn't help you meself cos I broke my hair straighteners taking the lid off a can of paint yesterday...couldn't find my "vanish" soap and the starch went too hard to use!!!!! The Viagra pills made my neck stiff, but I think I was swallowing them too slowly... :lol: :lol:

    and if you believe that, you'll believe anything...good luck.
  6. Thanks all for the er, mostly sensible answers!

    Thanks mrselvis, may take you up on the offer! It does say to take the P60 but if I can fill out another form that'd be ideal.
  7. Sense of humour Snaps....you'll need it!!
  8. Well I did laugh at your post, does that count? :D
  9. Good for you....but do keep a sense of humour won't you? Believe me, it will help...as I said before..good luck to you. :roll:
  10. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    no touching? Is that what she meant when she asked me if it was in yet.....
  11. Something I'm hoping to gain from Raleigh is a thick skin. I will try to keep a sense of humour. If HMS Caledonia's anything to go by, a joke or two helps!
  12. Not having your P45 and P60 is not the end of the world, but your ex employer is obliged by law to give you them, so remind him and perhaps speak to your tax office, they may be able to help. If your tax reference is not your Nat Ins number rmeber to have that with you plus any other paperwork that will help you fill in the forms. Your biggest problem with not having the forms will be that you will get taxed on emegerncy code rather than the proper one which may impact on your run ashore cash when you get the chance to have one.
  13. For the first week or so you will probably need every joke you can find, after that they will come more naturally.
  14. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Don't sleep around. A reputation is easy to gain but very hard to lose... 8O
  15. They let them have time and enough energy to do 'that', my things have got soft.
  16. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Believe me, there's always time for some counterpayne hurdling... :twisted:
  18. I take it that the crushers do not do night rounds in the middle watch any more then ? (as the shout goes up 'two heads on the pillow'..... :wink: )
  19. as for the Pt shirts, different groups tend to get different colours so I wouldn't worry about taking it with you as you'll be issued with one there.
  20. I really, really wouldn't bother, they'll give you a haircut when you get there anyway.

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