Optic Nerve Head Drusen

I'm aware that one of the conditions that can prevent a pass in the medical is a visual field defect. I realise that I am probably barred under this rule, but I thought I'd ask anyone.

I have a condition (discovered only recently and by chance) called Optic Nerve Head Drusen (ONHD) in both eyes. I have an extra blind spot in the far periphery of my vision in my right eye caused by the drusens. Just to confirm, this would preclude me from joining, right? If it makes a difference, I was thinking of attempting to join as a warfare officer.

The only reason I ask is that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) have said they'd grant me a Class 1 medical on the condition that I had regular visual field tests.


Interesting. As you suspected, any condition associated with a visual field defect is a bar to entry. As you have a defect, I am amazed the CAA said they would pass you. Did they examine you (ie note the defect) or was your question phrased "it causes me no problems - does OHND bar me?".

Has the diagnosis has been correctly confirmed by an ophthalmologist, as against an optician?
Thanks for the reply. That's a shame but I expected it and can understand the reasoning.

It was initially discovered (though not diagnosed) by them. I was doing my Class 1 medical examination at Gatwick and they picked up an extra blind spot during the visual field test. I went to see an ophthalmologist privately and he alluded to ONHD. I was then referred for an ultra scan to confirm. And sure enough, I was diagnosed with ONHD.

I did some searching on some aviation forums to see if they'd pass me. I had positive feedback and even information from someone who was flying commercially with the condition. In fact the CAA had pioneered an effort to change Joint Aviation Regulations' medical requirements so that people with the condition could pass. Sure enough, they offered me a Class 1 on the condition I had regular visual field tests.
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