Opportunities to work at sea as an E(TM)?

I'm thinking of applying to be an E(TM) and have been reading some background info on these forums.

One thing I'm not too clear on is how much time I could spend at sea in this role?

The thread below had some great info on what I could expect to be doing, but it seemed to be all land based and is also over three years old now.

If anyone could elaborate on what roles I could expect to face in this job that would be great.

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Okay, how about another question.

Is the Navy recruiting E(TM)s at the moment? From what I've read it's a small branch, so presumably they have a small intake?

I was also considering either Marine or Weapons Engineering options, which I think recruit larger numbers?
Not sure about E(TM)'s these days, it's all changed recently. They didn't do much sea time at all in the past, used to be based primarily in training establishments.
On the subject of E(WE), currently offering significant 'golden hello's'. Might be worth looking and considering when making up your mind.

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