Opportunist scam?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by rod-gearing, Jul 16, 2009.

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  1. I might be getting cynical but I thought this might raise some views.
    I received a letter stating that my daughters car needed an urgent recall to fix a design fault to the ABS system on her vehicle.(Its a Peugeot)

    I duly booked it in for its modification today.
    I said to my wife that I bet her £10 that they call later highlighting some defect or other that requires attention.

    2 hours later a call from them confirms this along with several items that they have found.

    1 Dip stick needs replacing as the end has come off
    2 Number plate bulb is duff
    3 Lower track rod end needs replacing
    4 Indicator switch requires changing.

    Do I wish this work to be done whilst its here at a cost of £300 plus.
    Get to fcuk!

    Why,if its in for the recall have they checked the oil,lights,indicators etc.?

    I didnt book it in for a service and the recall is free.
    The car is 7 years old for a start so why hasnt it being done earlier.

    I am being too cynical or is this standard practice and they are just doing their job?
  2. I agree. Just another fcuking attempt to rob people blind when times are hard!! Mind you Rod you are on band 17 so whats the problem!!! 8O :wink:
  3. There the same in Norway Rod_gearing,ferkin rip off barstewards,i suspected a problem on our old passat, the bit that measures how much air should go into the turbo (or somthing like that) i took the car in for a check up on the computer thingy and waited for the call,cheeky twat called me 3 hours later and said "jepp the part was defect so we have changed it for you and that will be £350 thankyou" well old Norwaychris exploded and told him to put the ferkin old part back on and go shag himself ( the mechanic),i then changed the part myself for £60 ,i am so sceptical of garages now that i even change my own oil and filter when its time to,i just dont trust the scumbags anymore,
  4. The indicator sometimes clicks on to the other side after switching off,my daughter just cancels it.Its been like that since she had it 9 months ago from a local non dealer.
    She says she can live with it.

    1 Dip stick is £6 off them,£500 fitting charge no doubt
    2 Bulb is 72 p,£1000 fitting fee
    3 Track rod end £60, kidney and eyes for fitting it
    4 Indicator £230 plus they want my soul.
  5. Reminds me of Victor Meldrew.

    "What exactly is wrong with my car". "Since you brought it in do you mean"

    Knob head at work while back bought coolant fluid from the garage ten quid. Use water knob head!!
  6. Used to work in the Autotrade a while ago and even some of the worst bast4rd garages you had still wouldn't be that bad..

    Stix has it spot-on with the pricing. The track (tie) rod ends would be the trickier fitting on a peugeot but be thankful it's not the wheel cylinders, there would be at least 4 separate types possible for most pugs and it would be purely a case of stare and compare to match the nipples and holes..so to speak.. :oops:

    Whatever you do, don't entertain them. Wouldn't put it past the basts to give your car a bit of a helping along in terms of damage.. :?
  7. Alot of grages are robbing twats.in our area we have a scheme where they are scrutiinisedby the local council and given certificates of honesty .You may sat emm but peaple can report and do from time to time especialy the small guy and the trading standards come down on them like a ton of bricks and in some cases stop them trading (it does work )but work even better :D

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