Opportune or Grampus?

andym said:
If Grampus was SO4 then She was sunk as a target in 1980.

As for Oppertune she was sold in 1992 but not sure who to.
thanks for that,

in that case, very apt for Grampus, she was a piece of junk they probably couldn't sell anyway, and I have fond memories of life on board Opportune.


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Oberon Class. Pennant number S20. Built by Scotts Greenock. Laid down 26 October 1962. Launched 14 Feb 1964. Commissioned 19 December 1964. Paid off 1993. Now lies at H.G. Pounds scrap yard, Tipner.

Second Porpoise Class. Pennant number S04. Built by Cammell Laird, Birkenhead.
Launched 30th May 1957. Paid off 1978. In 1980 it was decided she would be retained for use as an ASW (anti submarine warfare) target.
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