Opossum or Sealion

Discussion in 'Submariners' started by bigbaddog, Jan 20, 2007.

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  1. Hello fellow (ex) Bubbleheads!
    I did 20 out of 22 yrs on boats, and due to the vast amount of
    Johnnie Walker Red Label that was consumed during those
    years - I have forgoten which P&O Boat once did a DSRV
    trial with REVENGE up in Scotland. It was either Opossum or
    Sealion (was on both) and I remember standing on the
    casing.....only the boat was some 300 feet down at the time.
    Actually did the transfer with a couple of other Ship's Company
    and remember the boat had been painted WHITE so the Yanks
    could find us! Still looking for any photos of this event but never
    had any luck. Does this post activate any memories from
    the community? Subsistence Rules! Cheers :)

  2. subsistence has gone now the BAS****S :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. Approximately what year?
  4. I'll have to trawl through my comic cuts and
    find out when I was on Opossum (I'm sure
    it was that one 'cos I remember Lt Cdr J. Boyd
    was the CO at the time). More to follow !!
  5. I was the grocer on there 1983 - 1991. While i was on there Jim Boyd was also the Captain followed by Tom Herman and Steve Upright. I actually got a ride on the DSRV from Opossum to the Bomber and then from the Bomber to the Challenger on LR5. It was my birthday present and I remember the Senior Rates on Challenger had a birthday cake for me when I arrived.

    A great Day.
  6. Still tearing the loft apart looking for Service docs!
    I remember that after we "mated" with da bomber,
    and clambered down the ladder into it - there wasn't
    a soul to meet us, so we wandered forward until
    we got to the front bit! Also recall that they had a
    bloody Fish-Tank on board and everybody we met
    said "who the hell are you then?". It was good to
    know they were expecting us!

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