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Dear all,

First off, I realise this is a decision that I must make myself. However, I would value your opinions, especially if you have experience of a civilian as well as a Naval career.

I am going through the application process for entry as an E(TM) Officer at the moment. I passed my PJFT last night (for the age group below mine so I'm fairly chuffed!) and will hopefully have my sift interview soon.

I have recently been offered an excellent job in industry which is continuing on from my Ph.D. work. It will be an interesting job in a great company with good benefits, salary, training, job security etc.

I wasn't entirely expecting this job offer so it has knocked me slightly for six and now I'm unsure what to do. I do feel very lucky to have a choice of possible careers in the current graduate market but I'm finding it a difficult decision to make.

So, what would you do?

Many thanks,

Take no notice of Zoid, he is still wet behind the ears :roll: You have a difficult choice, which only YOU can make, Probably a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush !! comes to mind :wink: :wink:
You will make more money in the private sector.

As to which job will give you better job satisfaction? That's down to you, but if you are academically interested in your area of expertise then you may find that you are frustrated at the opportunities to continue your studies within the forces.

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Or maybe give the job a go and if not for you then come back and apply again for the nAVY.

None of us can tell you the best course of action for yourself. Jonno was on the ball tho.

Think hard bout what you truly want and most importantly what you will enjoy doing most. As even the highest paying job can become a nightmare if you aint enjoying doing it. Best of luck hun and hope the inspiration comes to you.

Toucan said:
Can you accept the job and still continue with the application process?
I guess there is nothing to stop me doing that, however they have gone to quite a bit of effort to recruit me so I would feel pretty rubbish about it.

I've wanted to be an officer in the Forces since I was around ten but I have also worked hard at university to become an expert in my field. I suppose it will come down to which one means more to me in the long run.
Good points Scouse and jonno.

Would the steps I have passed so far in the RN application stay valid for a time? I think I will get on the blower to my CA and arrange a chat.


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Scouse_Castaway said:
Think hard bout what you truly want and most importantly what you will enjoy doing most. As even the highest paying job can become a nightmare if you aint enjoying doing it. Best of luck hun and hope the inspiration comes to you.
Agreed. If my application is successful, I'll be taking a significant pay cut. I'm happy with that, because I value a shot at a career in the RN higher than the pay difference. It's an entirely personal decision.
I could easily stay here at Spoons and all that. Easy Job..........but also boring. I have wanted to be in the navy since i was very young so for me its an easy call. Just like toucan. If pressed for a direct answer id go navy rock chick if i was in your position but its got to feel right for you. Uniform looks cool too :)


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One thing I would say is very much worth thinking about - when you reach the AIB stage of your application, you have to go to Sultan knowing absolutely 100% that you want it more than anything. The process is such that it WILL bring out any doubts you may have, and I don't believe that it's possible to 'put on' the level of motivation required (not for a minute suggesting that you would, but hopefully you get my point).

In any case, congratulations on the job offer, and I hope that you are able to make a decision soon. You really will have to be sure.
I absolutely agree puditer. I just want to make my decision and be confident that it is right for me so I can look forward to my future. Whatever I choose I will be committed to 100%.

Thanks for your congratulations and to everyone for their helpful comments.
Also, consider the possibilities of maintaining a career in the Private Sector, and joining the TA.

As an Officer in a specialist unit (I do not know what your PhD is in so I can't point you in the right direction) you will, within 3 years have the opportunity to deploy on operations.

Worth considering if you want the best of both worlds.
Jonno, I have definitely considered RNR/TA having been a member of both UOTC and URNU. There isn't a trade that's completely relevant to what I do but to be honest it might be nice to do something a bit different.

Like I said earlier however, I don't think the company would be keen on it which I totally understand. Everone there is quite specialised so one person would be very much missed if they were deployed, which I mean in a completely non-arrogant way. It's something I would definitely discuss with them further and maybe point them towards Sabre, since I don't think they have ever had a reservist employee before.
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