Opinion of Aircraft Handler / Naval Airman and Steward - Catering Services Logistics

I have been given 4 job options for the Navy, I have decided to go with 2 which are; Fleet Air Arm - Aircraft Handler / Naval Airman and also Logistics - Steward, Catering Services Logistician (submariner)..

I was wondering if anyone has information on these options I have researched as much as I can but cannot find it fully into detail.

I have only a limited period of time to decide!,

I am looking for both of my options the Pro's and the Con's of each job, background information on both, the more popular choice of job, the more rewarding option and also the most dedicated job?

Thanks, :)


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Of the two I would choose aircraft handler.
You will be taught how to safely move and range aircraft, aircraft marshalling and firefighting.
If todays handlers are anything like handlers in my day (pre 1985) you will make a lot of good mates, and drinl a lot of alchohol.
Steward is fine if you wish to serve occifers their meals and pick up after them. A thankless job.
Both roles will be transferrable to a civilian environment, the Handler to the fire service and to civie airfield duties.
The steward to the hotel and hospitality sector, either in management or general work (depending on the qualifications you earn)


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Only you can make such a decision.

Have a search on here and see what previous folk have posted about the various trades.


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One's good at making cups of tea and sucking off officers... the other is a Steward.

Win/win, whichever one you decide on.

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