Operational Tours

A bloke at work has been in the TA for over 20 years. He was just on the point of leaving but was mobilised and sent to Iraq. This was his first operational tour. Prior to that he had only ever been on exercises. This surprised me.

He had a good tour and returned safely.

I'm not sure he ever intended to go on a tour but in hindsight I think he's glad he did (having returned safely).

In the RMR is there a different emphasis with Ops?

Is there the general expectation that guys will volunteer to go on Ops? By this I mean - when one joins the RMR - does everyone have the mindset that they'll be volunteering for Ops at some point and then regularly in the future?
I can't speak for the RMR as a whole but most guys I know in lovatt or dark blue accept that there is a strong possiblity that they will probably deploy at some point.

Times have changed in that last twenty years. The perceived threat from the big bear to the east has diminished and the danger from over-the-water is not as it was. People know this, and they join the forces (reserve or otherwise) knowing that the nature of conflict has changed and they may need to deploy.

There was, in the past, a certain boys club feel to all the reserve forces. Those days are gone.
Ive got a freind whos just gone down to join up with 40.He completed RMR training and put in for some time,hes off to Afgan in october. From what i can see of other lads they seem to be fairly active at the moment

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