Operational Honours and Awards List: 19 March 2010

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Naval_Gazer, Mar 19, 2010.

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  1. Well done to all concerned (and to all those who are on active service anywhere and in any capacity for their commitment, dedication and professionalism)

    Honours and Awards are not given out for the fun of it and each and every one will have been hard earned and justly deserved.
  2. What did the 3 lads do to get QCBs? Good effort on all on this list!
  3. Was wondering that myself, hopefully the RN PR machine might splutter into gear for long enough to feature their achievements.

    Well done of course to everyone honoured, that is really quite some list in just a six month period.
  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    What about the RM Warrant Officer with the CGC, who then won the MC this time round?

  5. Someone on ARRSE has found this archived link for his previous award: Old RN website
  6. IIRC he shouldn't have even been with the USMC - he was on an exchange posting, and should've been recalled when TELIC 1 kicked off. However, someone forgot about him, and he cracked on. CGC and MC ain't bad for an LC!!
  7. Royal Marine awarded Military Cross for Afghanistan bravery


  8. Legend!
  9. From This is Plymouth:

  10. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    That bootneck is awesome. How big are his gonnads?
  11. Bravery honour for Navy hero
    Also, Cdr Henry Merewether RN, who was awarded the QCVS, was the Cdr First MCM Squadron (MCM1) and deployed as the MW Battle Staff Cdr for the Op TELIC MMs for much of 2009.
  12. So, just the killick to go then!
  13. Got him! I've just obtained confirmation that the killick awarded the QCB was indeed LS(D) Carl Thomas:


    For the background to his award, read Para 37 of the HMS Endurance Flood BOI report.
  14. Yet to appear on its website but the Pompey News published this article in yesterday's edition:


  15. Just curious, why should he have been recalled? As I understand exchange postings, if there is a chance of operational service, then the host nation must check with the sending nation before deploying the individual. Since Britain participated in TELIC, then there should have been no objection to WO1 Tomlinson deploying with the USMC. If Britain had elected not to participate in Iraq, then I could see why he would have been recalled or at least left behind when his unit deployed.

    I believe there have been other individuals (both ways) who have deployed operationally, when both nations agreed.
  16. Well done to all the recipients. :thumbleft:

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