Operational Allowance

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by TattooDog, Nov 2, 2006.

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  1. I see details of the new Operational Allowance as they apply to the RN have now been published by FLEET - Galaxy 30/06 on the Navy Net has details, but the key points are:


    On 10 October 2006, Secretary of State for Defence announced that a new non-taxable Operational Allowance (OA) would be payable to eligible personnel from 1 Apr 06.

    OA is designed to recognise the increased and enduring nature of danger in specified operational locations, over and above that compensated for in the X-Factor element of a Service person’s salary.

    OA will be paid at the daily rate of £12.31. Eligible personnel will be entitled to the daily rate for every day or part of a day they serve in Specified Operational Locations (SOLs). Current SOLs are Iraq (including CTF 158), Afghanistan, the Balkans and some other discreet locations.

    Work is underway to identify eligible personnel and payments will be made as quickly as possible to those who have already returned from operations."
  2. not alongside in Pompey then??
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    stick me down for some of that....

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