Discussion in 'Finance & Pensions' started by tirak, Sep 21, 2013.

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  1. hi fellas, after 18 years in the service i had to have a cataract operation, unfortunately this has gone wrong and while i am currently on drops, it seems that i will probably end up blind in one eye. This may be from an eye injury before i joined up, which was found about 2003, my question is, is the navy liable. thanks in advance.
  2. Impossible to say based on what you've said. Talk to a solicitor - there are loads of ambulance chasing types around.

    Presumably it was a traumatic cataract - if it wasn't then there will be zero liability as cataracts sometimes simply happen and it isn't anyone's fault.

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  3. It was indeed a traumatic cataract, however my view is i was not blind before the surgery i am blind due to the complications of the surgery (complete loss of pressure) which was carried out due to the interests of the service
  4. Your first stop is the person who operated on you, surely? Although if you were warmed of that risk beforehand then you're on shakier ground.

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  5. If you are discharged due to this then you'll get a medical pension of some sort. The only thing liability will solve is whether the pension is ultimately tax free. I think the only way you could say the RN is liable is if it was elective surgery and the RN pushed you to do it in some way. I dont think you can be ordered to have it but they could say you cant stay in without it. For compo you are probably looking at whoever messed up the op first and I think it'd be difficult going for the RN after. Having said that I'm not a doctor or lawyer so could be talking guff.

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  6. Question is would you have effectively gone blind in that eye without the surgery due to the cataract? Hard to say that the interests of the service forced you to have the operation, I had kerataconis and was losing the sight in my right eye but there was never any mention of having to leave the mob, I had a cornea graft at my choice.
    Hope they manage to salvage some sight in the eye at least though and good luck to you in the future, I know how precious sight is.
  7. Yes, i believe that would be the best thing if it was about compo, though i dont believe any doctor was negligent. I am more concerned about being discharged and the associated pension that goes along with that.

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