Operation Warriors Return Needs Your Help!

Discussion in 'Charity' started by TheBionicWoman, Oct 21, 2011.

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  1. Operation Warriors Return is a Charitable Organisation based at Great Abington, Cambridgeshire and provides free help and support for veterans who have a physical or mental injury, whether that injury occurred while in service or since discharge. They work with Combat Stress and are the official drop in centre for the Cambridge Area on the first Wednesday of every month. For more information you can visit the website at www.warriorsreturn.org.uk

    We have applied for a £6,000 NatWest Community Grant Woodside Rural Care CIC (Co No 7067890): NatWest CommunityForce , the snag with this is that it is open to public vote with the top three organisations in the area with the most votes securing the grant. We think we are about 4th but still need plenty of votes to secure 3rd place. I know this is a bit last minute dot com as there are only 3 more voting days left but we would be so grateful if as many people could vote for us as possible. The NatWest website is shocking (and has, we think, put people off voting) and you have to register before you can vote. It looks a lengthy process but for any person who can work a PC will have no problems and it will take no more than 5 mins to do, if that. We thank anyone who votes for us in advance and if you know someone who might benefit from our service then please tell them about us.

    Thanks again

    Helen Matthews
    Internet Media Officer

    The voting process instructions are:-

    1) People need to click - Woodside Rural Care CIC (Co No 7067890): NatWest CommunityForce this is the Woodside Page

    2) They must then REGISTER by clicking the Register button top right.

    3) This involves entering a First Name, Second Name, email address, a password & password confirmation.

    4) Registration is NOT completed until an email from NatWest is received requesting CONFIRMATION.

    5) To Confirm - click on 'confirm registration' link found in text in centre of NatWest email.

    6) You are then directed back to the NatWest site.

    7) In order to VOTE you MUST then- 'LOG IN' (button top right) you will be asked for your email & password (used when Registering) and tick box agreeing to Terms & Conditions (T&C'S)

    8) Once 'LOGGED IN' you must return to Woodside Page - tick box (T&C'S) before clicking 'VOTE FOR US' button.

    9) NOTE that the number of VOTES will increase by 1 as the page refreshes & you will be advised that you have 2 more VOTES (unfortunately you cannot Vote more than once for Woodside)

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