Operation Overlord

Discussion in 'History' started by WreckerL, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. As it's not been mentioned elsewhere I thought I'd just point out that 68 years ago today Operation Overlord kicked off.I'll have a wet tonight for all those who didn't make it up the beaches. Had a long weekend at Arromanche a few years back. Well worth the visit, especially the Omaha Beach cemetary at Colleville-sur-Mer and Pegasus Bridge. Arromanche has the best museum IMO.
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  2. Just posted it on FB, Veterans group. Seems to have taken a back seat to the Queens celebrations. Yet without the sacrifice of those brave folk all those years ago we may not have been able to celebrate any Jubilee never mind a silver one.
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  3. I heard t`other day...more men were killed on the last day of WWI, awaiting the start of the armistice, then on the whole of D-Day WWII.
    Makes you think.
  4. I heard that's not true.
    Makes me think...
  5. My dad. Hurtling off the beach (after the initial landings) on his motor bike. Told me all the stories when I was a sprog. Rest in Peace dad. You survived today all those years ago......when many thousands did not. Yours Aye, Mac.
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  6. My Grandad landed in Normandy as my other Grandad was fighting in Italy. Both survived the war. Both had stories they'd tell and stories they never told. It wasnt until a few years ago I found out that my Grandad that fought in Normandy was one of the first in to liberate Belsen Concentration Camp.

    I'm always thankful for what my grand parents and those like them did.

    Every turn of the shaft is a new adventure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  7. My dad was one of the lucky ones. He survived the beach landing and was spotted by an older brother. (My dad was only 14 yo, had lied out of his teeth to enlist) He was shipped back to the UK but not before a German round on the end of its trajectory hit him in the stomach and caused a sever burn. He spent the rest of the war down the mines. Don't think he has ever spoke to his older brother since!

    This I was informed by one of dads other brothers. Still bears the scar to this day.
  8. Not mentioned by the Beeb as far as I am aware.
    Last year went out to an old guy who jumped at 0100 hours on D day into occupied France. It was just like listening to the Band of Brothers story.
    He said he felt more in danger from all the kit falling out of the sky than Jerry.
    Fascinating to listen too, myself and the crew were in awe.
    Brave men, all of them.
  9. I expect that the 70th anniversary will be the big one as far as Overlord is concerned.
  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    On a ship visit to Houston in 1964 a cab driver refused to let me pay for my ride as he said he never let servicemen (even if not American) pay. Told me he had jumped with the US airborne on D-Day.

    My great uncle and his son were both on D-Day, I imagine two generations present on the day may be quite rare. Great-uncle Noel was lent to the Americans to sort out merchant shipping on Omaha - they had a crazy scheme that ships would beach at high water, unload straight onto the sand using their own derricks and then float off again on the next high tide. What actually happened (all I could get out of Noel when I met him for the first time when he was 81) was he 'spent three days living in a hole in the sand waiting for the Americans to sort themselves out'. He had been at Jutland and was still on the Retired List! His son (he didn't know this) was in HMS Lawford which was sunk outright by a German bomb.
  11. D-Day lead up and crossing the Channel to Gold beach

    Anyone interested in D-Day might like to read my Dad, Bill Cheall’s first hand account at the link below. This harrowing extract is taken from his memoirs. Dad fought throughout the whole war with the Green Howards, right from Dunkirk, and was in the first wave of troops to land on Gold Beach – those lads were so incredibly brave. Read how Rufty Hill was killed coming off the landing craft. Explore the site to see various photos and personal stories.
  12. It was a diamond one.

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