Operation Frankton ( Cockleshell Heroes )

<<A group of ex-servicemen are planning to carry out a re-enactment of this remarkable WW2 operation.>>

Shippers All,

We get countless calls on our pockets/handbags (see note xx below) for Charity/Charities. I am sure that most of us will respond accordingly,
(without detriment to one’s self or connections).

Agreed? Perhaps, but sometimes we may even feel like we are being ‘Chariteed-Out’.

Perhaps this is not the best Forum to bring your attention to this event.

Perhaps it should be in ‘History’.

Perhaps you will pass on quickly on your way to the fun at Diamond Lils or the Gash Barge.

Perhaps you will move on (To give the next poor innocent Newbee a hard time of lower decker’s ‘Banter’;
for spelling, mong-ing, MILFs or whatever else doth excite some of you here…..)

Perhaps you will indulge in chattering about anything/everything which this rich site has to offer.


But: Tarry a moment please, Amigos Jack & Royal (Old/New).

These grand original Cockleshellers were our forebears in Blue Suits.
They faced far more certain dangers than transgressing here on t’web @ RR.

So, please pause and look back at what the original Cockleshellers set out to achieve and the results (NOT Morecambe Bay, FFS!!).

Their worthy example has inspired this re-run for two highly commendable ‘Charidees’.

<< Two Charities , Help for Heroes and Royal National Lifeboat Institution, will be the beneficiaries of monies raised. The team will consist of 10 paddlers plus 2 reserves and 2 Shore party.

They plan to make the attempt around June next year. This means they have about 10 months in which to have obtained sponsors, procured all the equipment and completed all the training for the event.

As far as is possible they wish to be historically correct in the implementation relating to the timing, planning, clothing and equipment they use and to this end they have been very industrious, and in some cases very successful, in seeking sponsorship.

Publicity for the event is well in hand and major sponsors will be part of that publicity.

They have already received sponsorship for the clothing, tools and other miscellaneous items they require. But and it is a big BUT - unfortunately the sponsor for the main items, the 5 Klepper canoes (in the region of £10,000+), has withdrawn. This, as you will realise, leaves them with a seriously major logistics cost problem.

For more information on the project please access the official Operation Frankton Web Site at www.farehamsfrankton.com . Worth a vsit.

Now to the central point of this message which I am sure you will have guessed by now.


The withdrawal of the main sponsor for the Klepper canoes has left a major hole in their plans and I am seeking on their behalf sponsorship towards the cost of the canoes (circa £10,000). Sponsorship of one canoe, (or more?), will be very welcome but any amount will be greatly appreciated. On completion of the Operation all equipment will be sold and the proceeds donated to the target Charities.>>

?? Will you or won’t you heed their causes?


Re: Note XX, above.

My Chum and I carefully collect all our foreign, non-Euro type shrapnel.
Whenever we visit the Smoke we disburse those coins to the needy, penniless, tuneless, immigrant busking beggars. It is our just our contribution towards recycling base metals in the right direction.

Although those beggars do show an initial gratitude, they may have other views when they count their blessings at the end of day at their ‘Jewish March Past’.

Our real Charity Monies go elsewhere, boosted by the tax reclaimed as Gift Aid.
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