Operation Flashpoint 2

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by daffy1, Oct 11, 2009.

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  1. Just got the above title. Great game, think of it as Arma 2 but with no bugs etc. Not played it on line yet cause still doing the single player missions but defo worth buying. Its like a cross between call of duty as the fire fights are pretty intense and Battle field bad company as the maps are very large. But good overroll game.
  2. I'm thinking of getting it but I'm too happy with Arma 2 at the moment.
  3. IMHO this game is weak, controls are pish, menu's are to complex. The game play is not bad but the AI is crap. Online is just as bad with no good points at all. Wasted my money so posting this to help others.
  4. I think its just you
  5. A lot of ArmA2 guys I know think the same. It's one of those games you love or hate.
  6. i have to admit, it is a good game but could be a lot better!

    for example when your in the middle of a firefight or storming a village and you have to stop, find the right orders etc. it seems to slow the supposedly realistic side of it down!

    i reckon having a headset for it like in socom navy seals would make it awesome!

    the gameplay and AI seems to be alright though, like the fact they have used real bullet speeds and trajectories

  7. No mate not just me, lent the game to a mate who is a massive FPS fan and he came back with the quote "I would not buy this game even if it came with a free PS3"

    See not just me look at the reviews on the web a lot of gamers feel the same.
  8. I definitely agree with you about having to stop to issue the orders, headset would be great even better with voice recognition so you could just shout the orders.
  9. I've had a look at a lot of videos. It basically seems to be a complex version of call of duty with a bigger map!
  10. Heres my 5p worth.Im not a big "shootem up fan",i DO like this though.Ok its not 100% perfect but then no game ever is.I use the XBOX gamepad with the PC version and its a lot easier than the keyboard.As for the orders interface,it is cumbersome to begin with but its easier the more you play it.I dont subscribe to measuring games up to whats already out there,they are all different and its horses for courses.If youre miffed about being ripped off,them maybe you should have done a bit more research before buying.Watching Developers vids on You tube ISNT going to tell you what you want to know.Enjoy it for what it is and what it could be!

    As for voice recognition,on the OPFP2 site there is a post about this and a link to download the software for it.(as im feeling charitable heres the link)

  11. im an xbox man and dont have the pleasure of being able to mod my games unluckily!
  12. So far there are 108 downloadable missions.The AI and dispersions have been modded also a damage model has been made to uprate the projectile size used.Its due a second patch shortly as well to address several issues.

    One of the Missions you can download has at present 400 enemy units on map,helo resupply and all manner of nastyness!
  13. great game, i like the multiplayer mostly although the single player is also very good i recomend
  14. I've complete this game in 14 hours its pretty good.

    anyone on Xfire?
  15. Jesus, it took me nearly a week to complete it!

    Just took some getting used to before i was kicking chinese behinds all over the place ;)
  16. Yeah!! I'm a big PC Gamer me! lol

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